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I freely admit that I’m addicted to Romance stories.  And that love of “love stories” began long, long ago – so I’ve been reading Harlequin™ for my entire adult reading life.  For years I would pick up my books at the local bookstore and devour them all within a week.  Now.  Well, not only does Harlequin™ have more “designated genre lines” than ever before, but my time isn’t as free as it once was to stop everything in life and escape into another world.

So… here are the Harlequin™ titles I’ve purchased with the intent to read and review as soon as humanly possible in 2020.  Series, Mini-Series and long story Lines will be listed separately for my own convenience in keeping up-to-date. (Bold titles are ones I have purchased, regular titles do not own, linked titles to reviews here at KB)

Blackout Billionaires

  1. The Billionaire’s Bargain by Naima Simone
  2. Black Tie Billionaire by Naima Simone
  3. Blame It On The Billionaire by Naima Simone

Coltons of Mustang Valley

  1. Colton Baby Conspiracy by Marie Ferrarella
  2. Colton Lethal Reunion by Tara Taylor Quin ((did not read/my personal decision))
  3. Colton Family Bodyguard by Jennifer Morey
  4. Colton First Responder by Linda O. Johnston  (DNF – rare but happened)
  5. In Colton’s Custody by Dana Nussio
  6. Colton Manhunt by Jane Godman
  7. Colton’s Deadly Disguise by Geri Krotow
  8. Colton Cowboy Jeopardy by Regan Black
  9. Colton’s Undercover Reunion by Lara Lacombe
  10. Deadly Colton Search by Addison Fox
  11. Hunting the Colton Fugitive by Colleen Thompson (June 2020)
  12. Colton’s Last Stand by Karen Whiddon

Forever, Texas

This is a very, very long series by Marie Ferrarella – and I’m not going back to the very start but will pick up at this point:

  • #21 Her Right-Hand Cowboy by Marie Ferrarella (January 2020)

The Taylor Triplets

  1. Cooking Up Romance by Lynne Marshall (January 2020)
  2. Date of a Lifetime by Lynne Marshall (April 2020)
  3. The Reluctant Fiancée by Lynne Marshall (May 2020)

The Fortunes of Texas: Rambling Rose

  1. Fortune’s Fresh Start by Michelle Major (January 2020)
  2. Fortune’s Texas Surprise by Stella Bagwell (February 2020)
  3. The Mayor’s Secret Fortune by Judy Duarte (March 2020)
  4. Fortune’s Greatest Risk by Marie Ferrarella (April 2020)
  5. Betting on a Fortune by Nancy Robards Thompson (May 2020)
  6. The Texan’s Baby Bombshell by Allison Leigh (June 2020)

Wildfire Ridge

  1. More Than One Night by Heatherly Bell
  2. Reluctant Hometown Hero by Heatherly Bell (January 2020)
  3. The Right Moment by Heatherly Bell (March 2020)

Boone Brothers of Texas

  1. Texan for the Taking by Charlene Sands (2019)
  2. Stranded and Seduced by Charlene Sands (2019)
  3. Vegas Vows, Texas Nights by Charlene Sands (January 2020)

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Inheritance 

Long multi-author line – starting at this point (perhaps from the past yet no plans to do so at this time)

  1. Tempting the Texan by Maureen Child (January 2020)
  2. Rich, Rugged Rancher by Joss Wood (January 2020)
  3. From Boardroom to Bedroom by Jules Bennett (February 2020)
  4. Secret Heir Seduction by Reese Ryan (March 2020)
  5. Too Texan to Tame by Janice Maynard (April 2020)
  6. Her Texas Renegade by Joanne Rock (May 2020)


  1. From Mistake to Millions by Andrea Laurence (2019)
  2. From Riches to Redemption by Andrea Laurence (2019)
  3. From Seduction to Secrets by Andrea Laurence (January 2020)

K-9 Mountain Guardians

  1. Trained to Defend by Christy Barritt (January 2020)
  2. Mountain Hostage by Hope White (February 2020)
  3. Fugitive Trail by Elizabeth Goddard (April 2020)

Louisiana Legacies (duet)

  1. Entangled with the Heiress by Dani Wade (January 2020)
  2. Reclaiming His Legacy by Dani Wade (March 2020)

Dawson Family Ranch

  1. For The Twins’ Sake by Melissa Senate (January 2020)
  2. Wyoming Special Delivery by Melissa Senate (April 2020)
  3. A Family for a Week by Melissa Senate (July 2020)

Fortress Defense

  1. Deadly Cover-Up by Julie Anne Lindsey (January 2020)
  2. Missing in the Mountains by Julie Anne Lindsey (February 2020)

Dynasties: Mesa Falls

  1. The Rebel by Joanne Rock (2019)
  2. The Rival by Joanne Rock (2019)
  3. Rule Breaker by Joanne Rock (February 2020)
  4. Heartbreaker by Joanne Rock (March 2020)

Match Made in Haven

A longer series, I have some of the titles.  At this point, I’m moving forward and will go back if I can

  • A Chance for the Rancher by Brenda Harlen

Cowboys of Holiday Ranch

A longer series, picking up at this point

  • Cowboy’s Vow to Protect by Carla Cassidy

The Riley Code

  • A Soldier’s Honor by Regan Black (2019)
  • His Soldier Under Seige by Regan Black (February 2020)

Protected Identities

  1. Christmas Witness Protection by Maggie K. Black (2019)
  2. Runaway Witness by Maggie K. Black (February 2020)
  3. Witness Protection Unraveled by Maggie K. Black (May 2020)
  4. Christmas Witness Conspiracy by Maggie K. Black (October 2020)

The Heirs of Hansol

  1. Temporary Wife Temptation by Jayci Lee (February 2020)

Murphy International

  1. One Little Indiscretion by Joss Wood (February 2020)
  2. Temptation at His Door by Joss Wood (April 2020)
  3. Back in His Ex’s Bed by Joss Wood

Sweet Home, Montana

  1. A Ranch Between Them by Jeannie Watt (2019)
  2. Montana Dad by Jeannie Watt (February 2020)
  3. Montana Homecoming by Jeannie Watt

Stone Gap Inn

  1. The Family He Didn’t Expect by Shirley Jump (July 2019)
  2. Their Last Second Chance by Shirley Jump (August 2019)
  3. Their Unexpected Christmas Gift by Shirley Jump (November 2019)
  4. The Marriage Rescue by Shirley Jump (March 2020)

Return to the Double C Ranch

This is a very long series, picking up at this point – undecided if I’ll go back to the beginning

  • #20  A Promise to Keep by Allison Leigh (March 2020)

Welcome to Starlight

  1. The Best Intentions by Michelle Major (March 2020)
  2. The Last Man She Expected by Michelle Major (September 2020)

Gambling Men

  1. The Twin Switch by Barbara Dunlop (January 2020)
  2. The Dating Dare by Barbara Dunlop (March 2020)

Masterson, Texas

  1. The Bartender’s Secret by Caro Carson (February 2020)

Rangers of Big Bend

  1. Ranger’s Justice by Lara Lacombe (September 2018)
  2. Ranger’s Baby Rescue by Lara Lacombe (April 2019)
  3. The Ranger’s Reunion Threat by Lara Lacombe (March 2020)

About That Night…

  1. The Case for Seduction by Robyn Grady (January 2020)
  2. One Night with His Rival by Robyn Grady (March 2020)

Badlands Cops

  1. South Dakota Showdown by Nicole Helm (March 2020)
  2. Covert Complication by Nicole Helm (April 2020)
  3. Backcountry Escape by Nicole Helm (May 2020)
  4. Isolated Threat by Nicole Helm (June 2020)
  5. Badlands Beware by Nicole Helm (July 2020)

Badge of Honor

  1. Mysterious Abduction by Rita Herron (March 2020)
  2. Left to Die by Rita Herron (April 2020)

Tactical Crime Division

  1. 48 Hour Lockdown by Carla Cassidy (April 2020)
  2. Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter (May 2020)
  3. Midnight Abduction by Nichole Severn (June 2020)
  4. Running Out of Time by Cindi Meyers (July 2020)

Hard Core Justice

  1. Hostile Pursuit by Juno Rushdan (April 2020)

Lockwood Lightning

  1. An Unexpected Scandal by Jules Bennett (April 2020)
  2. Scandalous Reunion by Jules Bennett
  3. Scandalous Engagement by Jules Bennett

One Night

  1. One Night with His Ex by Katherine Garbera (October 2019)
  2. One Night, Two Secrets by Katherine Garbera (November 2019)
  3. One Night to Risk it All by Katherine Garbera (December 2019)
  4. Her One Night Proposal by Katherine Garbera (April 2020)

Kiss & Tell

  1. His Forbidden Kiss by Jessica Lemmon (February 2020)
  2. One Wild Kiss by Jessica Lemmon (April 2020)
  3. One Last Kiss by Jessica Lemmon (July 2020)

The Mountain Monroes

  1.   Kissed By The Country Doc by Melinda Curtis (2019)
  2.   Snowed In With The Single Dad by Melinda Curtis (2019)
  3.   Rescued By The Perfect Cowboy by Melinda Curtis (2019)
  4.   Lassoed By The Would Be Rancher by Melinda Curtis (2019)
  5.   Enchanted By The Rodeo Queen  by Melinda Curtis (April 2020)
  6.   Charmed By The Cook’s Kids by Melinda Curtis

Rushing Creek Crime Spree

  1. Cornered at Christmas by Barb Han (October 2019)
  2. Ransom at Christmas by Barb Han (November 2019)
  3. Ambushed at Christmas by Barb Han (December 2019)
  4. What She Did by Barb Han (April 2020)
  5. What She Knew by Barb Han (May 2020)
  6. What She Saw by Barb Han (June 2020)

Savannah Sisters

  1. A Down-Home Savannah Christmas by Nancy Robards Thompson (November 2019)
  2. Southern Charm & Second Chances by Nancy Robards Thompson (April 2020)

Heroes of Shelter Creek

  1. Reunited with the Cowboy by Claire McEwen (July 2019)
  2. After the Rodeo by Claire McEwen (September 2019)
  3. Her Surprise Cowboy by Claire McEwen (April 2020)

Dynasties: Seven Sins

  1. Ruthless Pride by Naima Simone (May 2020)
  2. Forbidden Lust by Karen Booth (June 2020)
  3. Insatiable Hunger by Yahrah St. John (July 2020)
  4. Hidden Ambition by Jules Bennett (August 2020)
  5. Reckless Envy by Joss Wood (September 2020)
  6. Untamed Passion by Cat Schield (October 2020)
  7. Slow Burn by Janice Maynard (November 2020)

The Men of Stone River

  1. After Hours Seduction by Janice Maynard (May 2020)
  2. Upstairs Downstairs Temptation by Janice Maynard (June 2020)
  3. Secrets of a Playboy by Janice Maynard (July 2020)

Cutter’s Code (picked up #1 & #11 to get feel for series, unsure if I’ll go back for all)

  1. Operation Midnight by Justine Davis (March 2012)
  2. Operation Reunion by Justine Davis
  3. Operation Blind Date by Justine Davis
  4. Operation Unleashed by Justine Davis
  5. Operation Power Play by Justine Davis
  6. Operation Homecoming by Justine Davis
  7. Operation Soldier Next Door by Justine Davis
  8. Operation Alpha by Justine Davis
  9. Operation Notorious by Justine Davis
  10. Operation Hero’s Watch by Justine Davis
  11. Operation Second Chance by Justine Davis

The Culhanes of Cedar River

  1. When You Least Expect It by Helen Lacy (September 2019)
  2. The Soldier’s Secret Son by Helen Lacy (December 2019)
  3. The Nanny’s Wish by Helen Lacy (May 2020)
  4. The Secrets Between Them by Helen Lacy (June 2020)

The Bravos of Valentine Bay

  1. The Nanny’s Double Trouble by Christine Rimmer (unavailable Mills & Boon only)
  2. Almost A Bravo by Christine Rimmer (unavailable Mills & Boon only)
  3. Same Time, Next Christmas by Christine Rimmer (December 2018)
  4. Switched at Birth by Christine Rimmer (May 2019)
  5. A Husband She Couldn’t Forget by Christine Rimmer (October 2019)
  6. The Right Reason to Marry by Christine Rimmer (December 2019)
  7. Their Secret Summer Family by Christine Rimmer (May 2020)
  8. Home For The Baby’s Sake by Christine Rimmer (October 2020)

True Blue K-9 Unit: Brooklyn

  1. Copycat Killer by Laura Scott (April 2020)
  2. Chasing Secrets by Heather Woodhaven (May 2020)
  3. Deadly Connection by Lenora Worth (June 2020)
  4. Explosive Situation by Terri Reed (July 2020)
  5. Tracking A Kidnapper by Valerie Hansen (August 2020)
  6. Scene of the Crime by Sharon Dunn (September 2020)

The Brands of Montana (the first 3 titles are Special Editions and not counting as part of the series although they are … so officially the series begins with #4.  *shrugs*

  1. A Baby for Christmas by Joanna Sims (December 2012)
  2. The One He’s Been Looking For by Joanna Sims (March 2014)
  3. Marry Me, Mackenzie by Joanna Sims (February 2015)
  4.  (1.) A Match Made in Montana by Joanna Sims (May 2015)
  5.  (2.) High Country Christmas by Joanna Sims (December 2015)
  6.  (3.) High Country Baby by Joanna Sims (June 2016)
  7.  (4.) Meet Me At The Chapel by Joanna Sims (September 2016)
  8.  (5.) Thankful for You by Joanna Sims (November 2016)
  9.  (6.) A Wedding to Remember by Joanna Sims (September 2017)
  10.  (7.) A Bride for Liam Brand by Joanna Sims (February 2018)
  11.  (8.) High Country Cowgirl by Joanna Sims (August 2018)
  12.  (9.) The Sargeant’s Christmas Mission by Joanna Sims (November 2018)
  13.  (10.) Her Second Forever by Joanna Sims (May 2020)

The Sweetheart Ranch

  1. A Cowboy’s Christmas Proposal by Cathy McDavid (November 2018)
  2. The Cowboy’s Perfect Match by Cathy McDavid (May 2019)
  3. The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby by Cathy McDavid (November 2019)
  4. Her Cowboy Sweetheart by Cathy McDavid (May 2020)

The Second Chance Club

  1. Their Mountain Reunion by Patricia Johns (May 2020)

Northern Lights

  1. The Alaskan Catch by Beth Carpenter (August 2017)
  2. A Gift for Santa by Beth Carpenter (December 2017)
  3. Alaskan Hideaway by Beth Carpenter (July 2018)
  4. An Alaskan Proposal by Beth Carpenter (January 2019)
  5. Sweet Home Alaska by Beth Carpenter (July 2019)
  6. Alaskan Dreams by Beth Carpenter (May 2020)





STANDALONE TITLES (at this time)

The Sheriff’s Second Chance by Tanya Agler

Jet Set Confession by Maureen Child (March 2020)

A Match Made Perfect by Anna J. Stewart (April 2020) – #8 in Butterfly Harbor, no intention of going back atm