Healing His Heart by Jo Noelle

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Chet is dead to his family. That’s good. Maria is a beauty he’d like to spend time with. That’s bad—for her.

Maria Hensley has moved to Creede, taken a job, and lives with several friends. As much as she loves her new independence, she begins to imagine a happily ever after when she meets Chet. She can’t explain it but knows they should be together.

Chet Newell grew up in a family embroiled in range wars in Arizona. As a result of a train robbery gone wrong, his family thinks he’s dead. He’s glad they do and makes plans to create a new life in Creede, Colorado as a deputy.

After one dance with Maria, he’s convinced she’s the perfect woman for him but knows he’s not good enough for the preacher’s daughter. How can Chet overcome his past to have a chance of letting Maria into his life and his heart?

Healing His Heart is the 49th and final title in the multi-author series, Cowboys and Angels   For a complete list of titles and authors in this series please visit the Cowboys and Angels page.

Be sure to look for the spin-off The Matchmaker’s Ball series which includes (so far) – Two-Step with Tess by Jo Noelle – Allemande with Angel by P. Creeden – Moonlight with Alice by Amelia C. Adams – and more to come, I’m sure.

Title:  Healing His Heart
Series:  Cowboys and Angels #49 (finale)
Author:  Jo Noelle
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  October 22, 2019
Publisher:  Little Box Press LLC
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Healing His Heart brings the Cowboys and Angels series to a conclusion – but don’t worry, we aren’t quite done with Creede, Colorado as the spin-off series, The Matchmaker’s Ball will pick up the stories of this growing town and some familiar faces as well.  I have loved the adventures and the love stories of the Cowboys and Angels series, so I’m sad to see it come to an end but thankful to continue with another multi-author series set in the same location.

We’ve met Chet before in a couple of stories so knowing his background, his history makes his actions in Healing His Heart more understandable from the start.  He deserves happiness, but convincing him of that fact will take both a very special woman and one unique angel with a personality that shines throughout his appearances.  As a newcomer to Creede Maria is going to be blindsided by information and events yet I’m impressed by a young woman who makes up her own mind and goes to the source when gossip tries to ruin a budding relationship with Chet.

There will be a battle as storylines are wrapped up (mostly) and evil finally pays the price for actions taken.  We’ll run into some (not all) angels and mortals that we’ve met along the way as the final showdown takes place.

I had such a good time with Healing His Heart.  You ‘could’ read this story on its own, but I wouldn’t recommend jumping to the final story in this series for there is so much to love about the humans and angels of Creede, Colorado that you’d miss stories and nuances if you only know of this series from the final book – but that’s my opinion, you do what works for you.

I would highly recommend this entire series for any romance reader who loves good stories, a touch of angelic intervention, a variety of personalities and simply really good love stories.  Now we get to continue in a spin-off series and I already have the first story downloaded on my Kindle.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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