Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes by Mandy M. Roth

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I’ve been told I’m a force to be reckoned with. That I blow onto the scene like a tornado.

At age forty I’ve stopped caring if that’s a compliment or a dig. Now I just wear it like a badge of honor. So when life threw me a curveball and I ended up going from a cushy job in New York City to the tiny Southern town of Grimm Cove I thought I was ready for anything.

Ha! Not quite.

You see, Grimm Cove is teeming with supernaturals. Since I’ve known they exist all of like a hot minute, I’m still in a state of total shock. When I learn that I come from a long line of witches and demon slayers, the stakes (pun intended) get even higher and sharper.

These monsters aren’t make-believe. They’re out for blood. I’m trying to decide if having the head of the local wolf-shifter pack nipping at my heels is an asset in this fight, or if he’s one more person I need to watch my back around.

Thank the estrogen goddesses I have my besties with me or I’m not sure I could survive being what most would label middle-aged, hunted by demons, and the heat that comes along with the South.

Titles in the Grimm Cove series include – Cloudy with a Chance of WitchcraftHexing with a Chance of Tornadoes – Spellcasting with a Chance of Spirits  – Starry with a Chance of Nightshade –

Title:  Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes
Series:  Grimm Cove #2
Author:  Mandy M. Roth
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Published:  April 25, 2020
Publisher:  Raven Happy Hour, LLC
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Returning to Grimm Cove for Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes, Dana’s, and Jeffrey’s story, was an absolute delight.  To say I’m loving the Paranormal Women’s Fiction genre is an understatement, and this series is one of the main reasons for that enjoyment.

I enjoyed the little bit of background of Dana and her Nonna we get at first while she was still in New York, it helped solidify and maybe explain their relationship – and perhaps set us up for what will come later.  So, yeah, I adored Wilma (Nonna) and would want her on my side in any fight ‘cos she’s dangerous in a unique way.

Dana is… well, stubborn is really too soft of a word for this power lady.  She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to kick butt and take names in order to get it.  Yet, in Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes we get to see the depth and layers of Dana emerge as her life is about to get crazy and intriguing.

Jeffrey is the local bar owner, the Alpha of the town’s wolf pack, and very much at ease with the fact he hasn’t yet found his mate.  Not happy, but not obsessing about it either.  With the arrival of his best friend’s mate along with her friends and the troubles they’ve stirred up, his life has gotten a lot more active.  There’s just something about Dana that draws him, even though she’ll shoot down any flirt he tosses out with ease, he just won’t or can’t give up trying.  Jeffrey and Dana are about to find out why they are drawn together right in the middle of one dangerous, evil storm of trouble brewing in Grimm Cove.

While I don’t give out plot details I will say that this one kept me glued to my Kindle throughout.  There are twists and turns, I expect those.  But there are also some major surprises as well.  So I was kept a bit off-kilter during this story and that only added to the enjoyment factor.  Poppy, Dana, and Marcy are really starting to come into their own in this story – and Marcy’s is probably going to be an explosion of awesomeness because she is such a unique character.  I had a blast with Hexing with at Chance of Tornadoes.  I got annoyed at characters, belly laughed (maybe even snort-giggled), was held tightly in this world until the very ending.

If you love a good Paranormal with some romance tossed in, unique characters and a story to keep you fully engaged, then you’ll want to pick up this story and series very soon… like right now.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

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