Home Again ~ Safe, Sound, Tired

Posted September 8, 2018 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

All great things eventually come to a close – and our magical Disney vacation has now moved to the memory banks of our lives.  We had an absolutely fantastical time… words simply cannot express the fun, the friendships (old and new), the desperate break we all needed from reality for those seven days.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge – and what an experience that was.  A few mix-ups but what vacation doesn’t have those, yet Disney is always quick to fix things and keep the experience amazing… so kudos to the staff at the Lodge for making our trip memorable.

Isn’t this lobby view breathtaking?  I have so, so many great memories of this trip – and because I work with words I’m going to be slipping in some Vacation Memories just for me, so I hope you’ll indulge me and maybe enjoy the pictures and memories (not my pictures though, I’m horrible with a camera  lol)

This is the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge facing front towards the savanna in the center of the complex

And this is the same lobby facing the inside opposite view.  Stunning, right?



Meanwhile, back home, the cat survived alone with a friend checking in on him daily.  The dog has a new second family that wants weekend sleepovers for Harley because they loved having her.  🙂  And… somehow I managed to screw up my scheduled posts for that entire week… I’ve no clue what I did, considering I do hundreds of these scheduled posts — but oh well, not gonna stress it just go fix it.

Now it’s back to reality — unpacking, getting groceries in so we don’t starve (man, eating out is expensive but it was so nice to not plan, cook and clean up)… and getting back to reviewing, reading and more reviewing – for me the fun stuff.

Hope you won’t mind the occasional walk down vacation lane memory post.  It was such fun, I didn’t want to come home… but we do what must be done, like board a plane back to the real world.  I’d much rather live in the most magical place on earth.  🙂