In Hot Pursuit by Geri Krotow

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On the run for their lives…and straight toward a killer.

Sergeant Flynn Cruz-Street’s estranged half brother is a threat to society. To catch him, Flynn must join forces with JAG paralegal Vikki Colton.

Vikki proves to be a brilliant investigator, and what starts as a reluctant partnership soon blossoms into an irresistible attraction.

But as they work tirelessly to track down the dangerous criminal, Flynn and Vikki must resist the sparks between them…or risk losing their very lives.

Titles in the Colton 911: Grand Rapids series include —Family Defender by Tara Taylor Quinn (rated not reviewed) – Suspect Under Seige by Jane Godman – Detective on Call by Regan Black – Agent by Her Side by Deborah Fletcher Mello – In Hot Pursuit by Geri Krotow -Ultimate Showdown by Addison Fox

Title:  In Hot Pursuit
Series:  Colton 911: Grand Rapids #5
Author:  Geri Krotow
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  November 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense
My Rating:  4

In Hot Pursuit is the fifth title in the Colton 911: Grand Rapids multi-author series, and it packs a potent emotional and adrenaline punch that’s for sure.

Vikki is a JAG paralegal and her current assignment has her investigating the death of an officer’s wife through the RevitaYou pills.  She needs to talk to the victim’s husband and also try to get information on the pill’s inventor’s location, who just happens to be the half-brother of Flynn, an MP at this base.  Should be easy enough, Vikki is well trained at investigating through her work with the family’s investigative business and through her JAG career.  She knows the right questions to ask… even if in the asking she often finds herself in a combative stance with that person.  It’s her personality to need to dig until all the facts come out, and she’s not always gentle about convincing someone that they want to give her all the information she needs.  She’s not a bully, but she is argumentative and is like a bull-dog with a beloved bone that she will not let go… for anyone, family, and loved ones included.  She’s also recovering from a personal, romantic situation that has her rethinking her past and affecting how she trusts in the future.

Flynn has tried his best to get Landon, his half-brother, to turn himself in before he gets himself killed.  But, as always, Landon makes his own choices, even when they are the wrong ones.  Yet, Vikki is convinced that Flynn knows exactly where Landon is and she wants answers.  If Flynn knew that then Landon would be in police custody.

They are tossed together as Captain Joseph, the victim’s husband, desperate, violent, and filled with anger and grief goes after Flynn to turn over Landon to Joseph.  Not going to happen on several levels, but Joseph has lost his mind now and sees only revenge and that the path to finding Landon leads through Flynn and now Vikki as well.  They will soon be on the run as they try to find answers, escape a madman, and bring in an inventor who is also mentally not capable of seeing right from wrong.  All this in the midst of a blizzard.

In Hot Pursuit is intense, and that is an understatement.  This is a story that kept me on edge throughout waiting for the other shoe to fall… and eventually, it does, a whole shoe store’s worth.  The attraction between Vikki and Flynn is hot and heavy and full of emotional tensions that have them either passionately intimate or quickly backtracking from the emotions they just showed.  There will be mistakes made in this relationship, lots of them on both sides.  The question becomes will the love they both think they’re falling into be enough to give them a chance… should they survive that is.

We get updated on the Colton investigation on several fronts, catch up with family members and their lives – and experience one heck of a lead-in for the next and final story in this series.  It was an intense, enjoyable, exasperating experience and I loved every minute of it.

I own a Kindle edition of In Hot Pursuit.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader.


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