In Other Words, Love by Shirley Jump

She’s been hired to ghostwrite a CEO’s autobiography…
Yep, that CEO. The one who broke her heart.

When Kate’s agent gets her the job of writing Trent’s autobiography, she almost balks. The charismatic founder of his own outdoor clothing company dumped her when they were in college. But she needs the money.

Trent’s been so busy lately, he completely forgot he was supposed to be writing a book, and the draft is due soon. He wants Kate as the ghostwriter: she’s experienced, and she was always smart and hard-working. They can keep things professional, right?

In funny and touching ways, the project gives them a fresh perspective on the past, even prompting a road trip to Trent’s hometown that uncovers forgotten feelings. But will they both have the courage to start a new chapter in life?

Title:  In Other Words, Love
Series:  standalone title
Author:  Shirley Jump
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 21, 2020
Publisher:  Hallmark Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars

In Other Words, Love is a standalone title and gives us a second chance romance for Kate and Trent – through rather unusual circumstances.

I love the various types of Second Chance Romance tropes that are “out there”, and yes, there are several types.  Yet, the ones I enjoy the most usually have a longer amount of time before that reunion, time for the characters to have grown a bit, experienced a bit more of life, and even a different outlook at times.  And that is exactly what In Other Words, Love delivers.

While Kate and Trent didn’t survive their college romance with hearts intact, they did each move on to other life goals.  Trent took his idea for a business and expanded it far beyond his family’s expectations.  But along the way, he’s lost something as well.  It was not only his business sense, but his love of being outdoors that lead to his success, and that has been left behind in his drive to build his business into the international company that it is today.  Not only does he not have time to get out in the great outdoors he also has let the plans for writing a “how I became successful” book fall behind.  He’s committed to doing this but now he’s going to need help – and that help will come in an unlikely person.  One he knew well, and one who he hurt badly once upon a time.

Kate’s life hasn’t turned out quite as she’d anticipated.  Oh, she’s happy, for the most part, she’s writing… but not books with her own name on the covers.  She’s a professional ghostwriter now and those dreams of her own books have fallen to the side due to reality and financial considerations.  A unique opportunity has just been offered at a very unexpected price, both financially and personally.  She can ghostwrite Trent’s book but at what cost to a heart that remembers the pain caused by their breakup.

I liked Trent and Kate, they are believable characters who have indeed grown up, changed a bit, and perhaps can now find that happiness that eluded them back in college.  The journey to rediscovering their love for each other is full of fun moments, times remembering and forgiving, and a trip that will help pull them back in the right direction.

In Other Words, Love drew me in, gave me characters to enjoy and a story to love.  The writing is smooth and easy flowing, the plot interesting, and the characters realistic throughout the years together and apart.  It’s always a treat for me to see people who fit but not perfect at the time come back together a bit wiser to discover that the fit was just fine all along, it simply wasn’t the right time.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Hallmark Publishing via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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