Yeah, it’s early but then December is right around the corner so if you love getting involved in the COYER events well — December 1, 2019, to March 7, 2020, is now ready to take off!

You can access the sign-up page through that graphic over there <– OR using this link COYER WINTER WITH FRIENDS 2019.

Be sure to check out the rules in this year’s event, there are a couple of additions, a bit of a twist so head over to that sign-up page to get all the details.  I have so many books on my e-reader that easily qualify as free, under $2 (usually those 99¢ deals) that I just haven’t found (read that as made) the time to get to… so this is the perfect time for me.  I’ll bet for you, too.

Hmmm… one book to recommend – cost, age of the book doesn’t count for this one, but this is truly hard because there are so very many.  Okay, I’m going to go with LOST AND FOUND SISTERS by Jill Shalvis.  It’s heartbreaking, heartwarming, a touch of real life, and that unique bond that sisters truly have (even when they don’t think so).  That’s my choice.

I’ll be putting together my list of the books on my Kindle that I really want to get read for myself and for this event.  I’ll update this post when I’ve got that list complete – accountability I’m finding is my friend, even if I’m only accountable to myself (and my written words). 🙂  Have fun with the COYER Winter with Friends event!