Jet Set Seductions by Maureen Child

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The sky’s the limit for her forbidden attraction.

“This is just another job, Fiona. When it’s over, you walk away.”

Jetting off on Luke Barrett’s private plane and spending a passion-filled weekend together proves risky for professional fixer Fiona Jordan. Hopefully, she didn’t just blow her undercover mission to bring the tech billionaire back to his family business.

When Luke learns the truth, can Fiona keep from falling? Mixing business and pleasure might be the trickiest balancing act of her life.






Title:  Jet Set Confessions
Author:  Maureen Child
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Jet Set Confessions captured my imagination from the very start and my liking for these characters only grew throughout their story.  Luke is the grandson of the owner of a huge toy empire.  His grandfather is old-school, Luke is new tech – and these two loving men have clashed over the present and the future of the company.  Neither will budge and Luke walks away leaving his grandfather angry and devastated, and Luke’s cousin now in line to take over the company.

Fiona is a fixer, a finder, a miracle worker in a unique business of her own.  She’s been hired by Luke’s grandfather to gently lead him back to his family, to see both sides of the issue between them.  What she saw as an intriguing job quickly turns into something far more intense as the sparks between them ignite at their first meeting.  Luke sees the world in black and white, right and wrong, truth or lie – and Fiona has dropped a few lies, not about her feelings but about getting him back to his family.  When he learns the truth, and the truth always comes out eventually, Fiona – and Luke – may never recover from the pain.

There is an intriguing sub-plot that is so subtle that I almost missed the beginning of it.  Some readers may say that it was obvious, but I don’t always read with the intent of finding the “bad guy” in a story, so for me, it was more subtle but eventually explosive.  I really liked Fiona and Luke, well, there were moments when I wanted to smack Luke upside the head, but aside from that, this is a couple who pretty much scream “we belong together” from their very start.  Both stubborn in their own ways, both believing they are right in what is happening, both in love but seeing that love like a lost cause now.  I liked them, I hurt for them, and I cheered them on throughout their story.  If you enjoy a really good, believable love story then you’ll want to pick up Jet Set Confessions right now.

I own a Kindle edition of Jet Set Confessions.

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