StackingTheShelvesThere are millions upon millions of books ‘out there’ to be read. (nervously taps foot just thinking about all those books!)

And there are literally thousands of book blogs online to comment about and review those millions of books. (starts to feel very very tiny)

How in the world are we supposed to keep up with all that reading material?!

Me?  I read what I’m in the mood for at that moment.  Romance. Paranormal. Mystery. Historical.  Etc.  I am very all over the place in my reading style.  And… I often miss out on learning about really interesting books, even if I’m not “in the mood” for that style right now.

I have found a great way to solve part of that problem.  Over at Tyngas Reviws a weekly meme has been started called Stacking The Shelves (this link is to the launch page for STS).  A roundup of lots and lots of book bloggers and their just arrived piles of books (or their To Be Read additions) is available to give us the chance to check out new books, as well as ‘new to us’ book blogs.

How awesome is that?  More books!  I am so in!  So what are you waiting for.  Go.  Check out Tyngas Reviews and the Stacking the Shelves listings and enjoy yourself.

I want to do a STS post here on Keeper Bookshelf every Saturday evening.  I hope you come back to check out what I’m either reading or going to read to review real soon — and maybe start your own.  What could be more fun than more books?  (okay, so I can think of a few personal things but hey it’s books!)  *wink*