Joke by Mia Malone

“Dibs,” he murmured before he could get his brain to come up with something less stupid and a lot more charming.

Joke is happy for his sister who finally settled in with Paddy. He’s happy for Gibson who found Lee and built a great relationship with her. He’s happy his bar is doing well. Happy the town is thriving. He’s so damned happy he’s choking on it. He’s also lonely.

Sissy is only looking for a safe place where she can live her life in peace and quiet, hidden from someone who has haunted her life since she was eighteen. Having a man in that life is not needed, or even particularly wanted. Not even big, brawny Joke Tucker, the barman who also happens to be her boss.

Things are about to change for both of them, and as a consequence, for a few others too.

Titles in The Brothers series include — Gibson – Padraig – Joke – Day – Mac

This title is an adult, 18+ story that may have strong language, violence, and sexual situations that are geared toward an adult audience.

Author’s warning: Please note: This book contains crude words and somewhat explicit adult scenes. If this isn’t your thing, then this book might not be for you.

Title:  Joke
Series:  The Brothers #3
Author:  Mia Malone
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 20, 2018
Publisher:  Independent
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Joke‘ is the third title in ‘The Brothers‘ series and while all the sexiness of this series is more than evident in Joke and Sissy’s story there is also such an underlying feeling of living in constant fear, of always being a touch on edge because of the past – a past that will not stay in the past.  The tension slowly intensifies throughout the story until it simply explodes.

There is a lot that I want to say about Sissy’s and Joke’s romance, and when I feel that way I’ll often overshare so I have to be careful here.  Although part of a fantastic band of brothers of the heart, and their growing numbers as very special women are joining that group as wives and friends – it has been mentioned that Joke is lonely, and that’s so very true.  The feeling flows off of him at times so much so that the reader can feel his aloneness, so I couldn’t help but want Sissy and Joke to work as a couple.

If you’ve followed the series you’ll know that Joke has a unique relationship with Gibson and Lee, one that not everyone in their group ‘gets’ but one that is special to the three involved.  Now he has a woman in his life that he wants to keep in his life, perhaps forever and although he isn’t the least bit ashamed of that relationship with Gib and Lee he has to find a way to explain it to Sissy for he intends to hide nothing from this special woman.  Some people find voyeurism to be a very ‘ick’ subject.  And, really, to each their own.  As long as the people involved are consenting, enjoying, and harming no one – what does it really matter what others might think or feel?  That’s Joke’s take and it’s mine as well.  And, in case no one ever mentioned this – sex, sexiness, or desire doesn’t stop when one reaches their 50’s.

I absolutely loved Sissy, her daughters, and her parents and brothers.  I got a good chuckle when they first showed up in person in this story, for they are not all what I expected – they were badass better.

When Sissy’s past comes to town to haunt her once again there are consequences – and while I won’t spoil that part of the story for you, it broke my heart and healed it up again.  The love that friends, townsfolk, and family have for this amazing man is simply off the charts.  So, yeah, I cried toward the ending of ‘Joke‘ – but in a good way.

This is a story, a series that doesn’t hesitate to showcase great sex between partners.  If that sexiness bothers you then there are two choices – either pass this story by (and you’ll miss a fantastic romance) or skip through the sex scenes to get back to the romance.  There is so much more to ‘The Brothers‘ series than sex, and I’d hate for you to miss out on that because it is a sexy series.  Just my opinion.

I had a blast with ‘Joke‘ and I’m heading into a re-read of ‘Day‘ next.  Yes, this is my second read of this series, and I’m picking up even more details this time around.  I’m loving it.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.

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