novel-love.jpgI love NetGalley.  The idea of it, the variety of novels offered there, just about everything.

Ah yes, that “about” thing.

I am a fast reader, I review rather quickly but always trying to keep the reviews within a week of a novel’s release.  Some publishing houses request that, and it simply makes sense to talk about a book when it is due to be launched.

I have a decent ratio at around 78% to 89% – it fluctuates depending on how many novels must “wait” for the reviews to go live because of release dates.  I am trying desperately to keep my requests to only a month or two ahead so that the ratio stays in a reasonable area.

Yet, I’m pulling my hair out over three publishing houses.  So, I’ve decided to simply no longer request from them, especially Harlequin.  I do not want a long list of declined requests on my profile.  And that is just a personal dislike, I don’t know that it affects the approval rate or not.  I’ll stick with the houses I’ve reviewed for already, and maybe branch out to smaller publishing house divisions.  But I will not touch the “big guns” again for at least a year, if ever.

It’s not as though I cannot go out and purchase Harlequin novels myself – and I often do.  It’s not that I’m looking for freakin’ free books.  It is that I enjoy the various lines at Harlequin and their authors.  But, nope, not going to get myself in a hissy-fit any longer.

To be honest, I don’t know if this blog will ever be “big” enough readership-wise for those “big publishing houses”.  And I shouldn’t let it bother me so much either.  I know this.  That damned pride, ya know?

Ah well, I’ll wait them out for a year or two.  I can be patient, in spite of these current words.  I can be.

So, how long did it take your blogging to reach the point where the larger publishing houses thought your blog worthy of their offerings?  Just curious.