Lakeshore Legend by Shannyn Leah

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Peyton McAdams doesn’t want a thing to do with Colt Patterson…except she has had a crush on him since they were little. Recently, they also had a nice little romp in the shower together. But Peyton thinks she’s just another notch in Colt’s belt and is determined NOT to fall in love. Love is just a game and it destroys people. She decides to focus solely on the new all natural soap store she’s opening with her sisters and NOT on Colt Patterson.

Colt Patterson is Willow Valley’s hometown hockey hero…or rather fallen hero. He is trying to make sense of his recently ruined life and his attraction to Peyton throws off his plans to wallow in his apartment, drinking away his sorrows. He finds himself drawn to her…and back to Willow Valley.

Can Colt and Peyton keep their fiery attraction to a dull roar and commit to just being friends or will the temptation be too strong to keep them apart?

Titles in the By The Lake – The McAdams Sisters series include:  Lakeshore Secrets – Lakeshore Legend – Lakeshore Love – Lakeshore Candy – Lakeshore Lyrics

Title:  Lakeshore Legend
Series:  The McAdams Sisters – By The Lake #2
Author:  Shannyn Leah
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  May 5, 2016
Publisher:  Carlex Ruby Press
My Rating:  4 stars

Life is complicated and more often than not.. it’s not at all fair, but it’s the best deal around so we handle it or fake it, either works most often.  Colt has learned this lesson the hard way and now with a marriage and his professional career behind him, he’s got to figure out what to do with the rest of his life.  The one that no longer fits in to the perfect place it once did.  It certainly isn’t helping him stick to his plan of drinking and sulking his life away when he runs into Peyton once again.  Yeah, they’d had that moment but that was in the past, right?  There really was no need to notice how beautiful she was, how caring, how… perfect for him.  But, no he’s not going to take that risk again – or so he keeps telling himself.  Maybe one day he’ll actually believe it…. ummm, probably not.

Why was that infuriating man back in town again?  And more importantly, why did she care?  Okay, sure, she’d been crushing on Colt for as long as she could remember but they’d had that moment, and it was done, over, kaput.  She saw him for what he was, the player, the man who tossed women like used tissues.  So if all that was true, why did she still want him, still wish for something more than that one moment.  She and her sisters had a new business to run, she didn’t have time for games with the sinfully, handsome, oh so delectable Colt… she’d learned her lesson, right?

I simply adore the push pull type of romance, the should I or should I walk away, the they’re so bad for me but in such a good way ones.  You know what I’m talking about.  *wink*  I suspect those are all of our guilty pleasures.  Peyton and Colt have such heat, such chemistry between them.  We see it but they’re busy trying to ignore what’s right in front of them.  Fortunately that only works for so long, then we get into the meat of the reasons they’re fighting that attraction.  And that moment when the decision to not fight it any longer arrives – it’s so sweet and perfect.

What keeps me coming back to a series are the secondary characters.  It’s true.  Because in any series, the secondary couples will be the main event at some point and it’s fun to get to know everyone and their quirks along the way.  I love the McAdams sisters, they are so real life and relatable to us all.  There are plenty of laugh out loud moments in Lakeshore Legend.  A few tears, some frustration and some very feel good moments.

I’m slowly working my way through the By The Lake and the Caliendo Resort series.  Because of my reading schedule for committed reviews is kind of tight right now, it’s a slower indulgence than I might like but it’s well worth the effort.  I would definitely recommend this title and this series to any Romance reader who enjoys a good, solid story and believable characters in relatable situations.  It’s a nice slice of life kind of romance and one that I return to time and time again.

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