Little Girl Lost by Janet Gover

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Little Girl LostTitle:  Little Girl Lost
Series:  A Coorah Creek Novel #4
Author:  Janet Gover
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 2, 2016
Publisher:  Choc Lit
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

When a little girl goes missing, an entire town comes together to find her…

When Tia Walsh rides into the small town of Coorah Creek on a Harley Davidson, Sergeant Max Delaney senses that everything about her spells trouble. But Tia’s trouble is not all of her own making, and the dangerous past she tried to leave behind is hot on her heels.

Sarah Travers has returned home after three years of college to find that her parents have been keeping a devastating secret. Her teenage crush, Pete Rankin, is facing his own struggle with a tough reality that will take him away from the girl and the life that he loves.

Tia, Max, Sarah and Pete are all trying to find their future, but when a little girl goes missing in the harsh outback, nothing else matters except finding her safe.

Other novels in this series:  Flight To Coorah Creek – The Wild One – Christmas at Coorah Creek – Little Girl Lost

There are some fictional towns where the residents become as familiar as your own next door neighbor.  Coorah Creek is one such town.  This visit we’ll meet a woman desperately running from her past with no hope for a future and the lawman who may just be her every single answer.  A young woman facing the very adult reality of an ill parent and taking more of the load off of their shoulders.  And a man who will make one choice for all the wrong reasons and will learn that you have to do what is right even when to others it might seem selfish.  Lastly, a city family taking a vacation in the wild outback, one who had no business whatsoever trying to be what they are not… country folks who know the dangers.

Tia enjoyed her job at the mine, it paid good and she was good at it.  But she kept a definite space between herself and others.  She was on the run from a vicious man who had killed before and wouldn’t hesitate to kill again.  It was safer for her and others that she keep a distance.  But in the small close knit town of Coorah Creek that wasn’t such an easy task.  Especially when the local police, well the only police in town found her more than a little interesting.  She’d have to keep Max at a distance too.  But soon enough that would prove impossible.

Sarah had returned home after college to find her father deathly ill and her mother worried and worn down.  She stepped in to take over at their store because she loved them and because she was needed here.  Her dreams would wait, but maybe that knight in shining armor, the trucker she’d had a childhood crush on for years might finally see her as the grown woman she was today.  Pete certainly was pleasantly surprised to find little Sarah all grown up into a beauty any man would be proud to have at his side.  But that man couldn’t be him.  His fate was set by a woman he didn’t love and a child who would have to come before all of their needs.

When a vacationing family comes through town on their way to the wilderness campgrounds – it’s pretty obvious to the townsfolk that this city family has no clue what they are doing out here in the outback.  Father, mother and daughter and son were clearly out of their element.  When the call came in a day later that the little girl was lost the people of Coorah Creek banded together to help in the search.  Nothing was more important than finding that sweet child.

Little Girl Lost is an intriguing, entertaining and charming story.  A return to a place where life is often a bit simpler, but not necessarily calmer than the rest of the world.  Here people know you, have your back and maybe at times know a bit too much about your life.  But you’d be hard pressed to find a group of people more loyal or helpful when you need them the most.  Welcome to Coorah Creek.

It’s always a joy to return once more to this town with it’s gossipy Trish, and her steady husband Syd at the local hotel-pub.  There is nothing that Trish does’t know or can’t find out… all with a well meaning heart.  I love to run into characters from previous stories and see where they are now.  We get that chance in Little Girl Lost.  We also have two delightful and vastly different romances going on in town.  And we’ll watch them make that perilous journey through fear, danger, heartbreak and a happy ending, finally.  We’ll also be in on the tension filled search for a little girl who is lost and in great danger the longer it takes to find her.  Watching the people of the town come together to help in any way possible always will warm the heart of the most cynical person around.  These folks care, and they never hesitate to jump in to help because… that’s what neighbors around here do.

If you’ve never visited Coorah Creek before don’t worry you won’t be a bit lost.  Mentions of the previous couples are brought up casually in conversation and those of us who have read all of their stories will recognize each one, but it won’t take a thing away from the current story.  In fact it just might entice you to go and check out the earlier books.

I enjoyed Little Girl Lost very much and would highly recommend it for any Romance reader.

*I received an e-ARC of Little Girl Lost from the publisher, Choc Lit and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

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