Logan’s Lady by Rosanne Bittner

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Two worlds in conflict
Two hearts intertwined
One love worth fighting for

Wealthy Englishwoman Lady Elizabeth Baylor longs for adventure. She leaves for America full of hope, only to lose everything to a villain hiding treachery behind his smile. Lost in this strange and lawless land, Elizabeth vows to track down the man who did her wrong…but she can’t do it alone. What she needs is someone hardened by the west and unflinching toward its dangers: notorious bounty hunter Logan Best.

Ill-mannered and seemingly ruthless, Logan exorcizes his dark past by throwing himself into his vengeful profession—hunting wanted men. There’s nothing about the pampered Englishwoman that should call to him, and yet as their adventure takes them across the wild and treacherous west, he realizes he’ll do anything to keep her safe…and defend his Lady to his final breath.

Title:  Logan’s Lady
Series:  —
Author:  Rosanne Bittner
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  March 26, 2019
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
My Rating:  4 stars

LOGAN’S LADY is as rich in characters as it is in details of the American West, realistically portrayed with the good, the bad, and the vile on display for all to see.

Lady Elisabeth simply wanted to escape from under her cold, calculating brother’s roof.  She saw the American West as her only chance at freedom but the romantic tales of the West are far, far different from the reality.  Elisabeth has been lied to and robbed by a man with a handsome face and not one kind bone in his body.  Now she’s out for justice and if she cannot have that she’ll have revenge.  The one man she’s been told that can provide that is Logan Best… and she’s not letting him out of her sight as he tracks down a scoundrel.

Logan is a bounty hunter that is very good at his job, in fact, he’s more inclined to follow the “dead” part of Wanted: Dead or Alive posters.  Taking on Elizabeth may be a fool’s errand but a good paying job is a job to Logan.  His heart is as cold as ice and one beautiful lady, even one as naive as Elizabeth won’t change that… until she starts to feel the changes that the freedom of the West brings to people, until she begins to be braver, bolder, more secure in herself and her abilities.  It’s not long before this Elizabeth is working her way into his affections, something he never dreamed would ever happen again.

I was easily swept up in this epic saga of Logan and Elizabeth’s adventure.  Watching Elizabeth slowly lose that naiveness, to begin to trust her abilities, to learn and grow into a far different woman than she might have been was a fascinating journey.  I liked the former Elizabeth, I adored the new woman she becomes.  Logan has good reasons for the man he’s become yet one strong, stubborn, determined Englishwoman is about to show him that there are second chances in life… if we grab hold of them.  I enjoyed watching the changes in Logan as well.  He never loses his sharp edges, but they are softened a bit by his emotions for Elizabeth.

If you love a Western Historical Romance that goes deeper into the reality of the American West in all of the good and bad parts of history then you’ll enjoy LOGAN’S LADY.  It’s full of rich details, interesting characters, intriguing storylines and a sense of stepping back in time.  I enjoyed every moment in this story and would not hesitate to recommend it to any Romance reader.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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