Match for the Mayor by Jo Noelle

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He thinks he’s too old for her. She’s too shy to tell him he’s wrong.

Giles Mealing was looking forward to ending his service as the mayor of Creede, Colorado—except the only other person on the ballot is a known thug. Having a suspected criminal as the mayor would be like holding a match to a town that’s already a powder keg. Giles reluctantly takes back up the campaign, assisted by his secretary. Continuing his association with the lovely Diane would definitely be the only bright spot to winning the election.

Diane Turley loves working in the mayor’s office and more specifically, with the mayor. Although she detects no romantic feelings from him, she longs for them. As a result, she hides her own attraction deep inside. She can’t imagine working for anyone else. So for completely selfish reasons, she organizes efforts toward his re-election, drawing unwanted attention from dangerous men seeking power.

It takes a desperate enemy to wake them up to what they could have together.

Match for the Mayor is the 40th title in the multi-author series, Cowboys and Angels   For a complete list of titles and authors in this series please visit the Cowboys and Angels page.

(Now that the Cowboys and Angels series has ended with the 49th title – I need to binge read to catch up – be sure to look for the spin-off The Matchmaker’s Ball series)

Title:  Match for the Mayor
Series:  Cowboys and Angels #40
Author:  Jo Noelle
Published:  May 28, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

MATCH FOR THE MAYOR takes us back to Creede, Colorado for the romance between Giles and Diane, two secondary characters in a previous story.  Both have an unspoken attraction to each other but for their various reasons haven’t moved on them – that’s about to change.  Creede has grown so much since we first started this series, and Giles is ready to hang up his Mayor’s duties by not putting his name on the ballot for the upcoming election.  He longs for a home, fields to plant, trees to grow and a certain younger lady by his side even if that last part is nothing but a dream he keeps to himself.  Two things will change his mind about running for another term, one dangerous criminal who is running for Mayor to officially take over this town for his own goals, and the belief and support of one very special woman who believes he is the best man for the job.  And with the help of an angel and the women of Creede things are about to change and get very interesting for all involved.

I loved Diane, she’s such a strong woman even if she doesn’t really see herself that way – yet.  My heart broke for Giles as his mother and sister return home with devastating news.  One peppermint loving angel who doesn’t say much but the words she uses are so very powerful will guide Diane along a path she never expected to take, one that she’s ready to embrace with Giles at her side.

I had such a good time back in Creede (and I really need to do some binge-reading to get caught up).  Giles and Diane along with the familiar faces of Creede deliver, once again, a touching story full of love, faith, a touch of danger and happy endings that will make you smile.  If you love Western Historical Romance then you should be reading the Cowboys and Angels series and MATCH FOR THE MAYOR is an excellent addition adding new book friends for us all.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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