“May Her Memory Be A Blessing”

Posted September 19, 2020 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

“May her memory be a blessing” is the traditional phrase to speak now of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, I’m told.  And in so many ways her memory and her life have been such a blessing already to so many.

There are no words to convey my sadness at the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg… affectionaly known as Notorious RBG to so many.

My thoughts on what her passing means to my country’s future will remain private – this isn’t the time for political ideologies… it is a time of mourning a loss of a great lady… and a time to celebrate the memory of a life so well lived that she will live on in history books and the decisions she made for equality for all.  She was a voice of logic, of common sense, of law, of the right thing to do – and her voice will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace.  Rest in Power.  Rest knowing that there are thousands who will remember and be called to action in your memory.  And that is fitting for a warrior when cancer would be a factor in the length of the battle.


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