Midlife Bounty Hunter by Shannon Mayer

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Over forty. Divorced. Rocking a little revenge against the Ex. A dash of magic and things are suddenly looking up. Even if you do you have to cross your legs when you sneeze.

One day I’m married, living in Seattle, and magic isn’t real.

The next, I’m divorced and living in the guest room of my ex’s hotter-than-sin cousin’s place in Savannah . . . and talking to an animated skeleton named Robert.

I have to admit, Robert isn’t my worst date.

At forty-one, I didn’t think I’d be starting over. But I’ll be damned if my ex thinks I’m down and out because he pulled a fast one on me.

When a job comes my way that offers me a chance to use my childhood training in the shadow world, I take it – I need the money more than I care about my sanity.

It’s dangerous.

I have to embrace the magic and dark of my past.

And I need Advil to keep me going.

But those who’d hold me back better sit up and take notice, because a new woman is in town, and she’s not about to be counted out by anyone.

Even if she does groan when she rolls out of bed in the morning.

Titles in the Forty Proof series include – Midlife Bounty Hunter – Midlife Fairy Hunter – Midlife Demon Hunter –

Title:  Midlife Bounty Hunter
Series:  Forty Proof #1
Author:  Shannon Mayer
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Published:  February 18, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Before I start telling you what a “kick butt and take names” heroine Breena is, before I highly recommend her story to any reader who loves an intense, engaging, really fantastic Paranormal story – I need to address some changes that were made since this story first came out in February of 2020.

When the “Fab 13” authors first released all of the books in this new genre of Paranormal Women’s Fiction on the same day this story had a different title and cover.  Now, I’d only read two of these authors before, but since I love anything Paranormal I downloaded book after book on release day.  I didn’t think there was any real rhyme or reason as to which I picked to read next – but subtly there actually was.  The original title (Grave Magic Bounty Hunter) and the cover art didn’t reach out and grab me like some of the others did.  I know, don’t judge a book by its cover – but we do, even if we don’t think we are.  So I ended up reading this story last.  Big mistake.  Huge.  (to quote “Pretty Woman”)

In my opinion, Midlife Bounty Hunter is the best of those 13 books released at the same time.  Oh, I’ve loved and enjoyed every single one of them, not a dud in the bunch.  Yet, Breena’s adventure into the sorta unknown, her attitude, her “take charge not gonna define me by my age” attitude was exactly what I was looking for.  She is fierce even as she huffs and puffs her way up hills and through graveyards.  She doesn’t give up.  And I absolutely loved her story and desperately want more – right now this moment.  So thank you to Shannon Mayer for reminding me of truth in the book world – it doesn’t matter so much what is on the cover, it’s the story within that truly matters… yet, the cover will draw me to a book so it really is a double-edged sword, isn’t it?

Now, everything you really need to know before picking up Midlife Bounty Hunter is in the cover description.  What you’ll find within those pages is an amazing woman who has been kicked down by her truly nasty ex-husband – but she’s not going to spend time moaning over it, she’s got a house to buy back, find a way to make a living, and prove to herself that everything her grandmother once tried to teach her was/is real and she needs to own her abilities.  There are twists, turns, and surprises in store for you… and this one is worth every single minute you’ll spend in this world.  The story flows easily, there is no hesitation in believing that this world exists alongside our known world, and the characters within – good, bad, and really ugly – are believable, act as I’d expect them to.  So, yes, I loved this one, would highly recommend it and cannot wait for the next story to release.

I read this title when it was in Kindle Unlimited.

Available in paperback, audio and for the Kindle


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