Million Dollar Date by Susan Hatler

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Abigail Apple is running late to meet her blind date when she’s pulled over for speeding. Unfortunately, the follow-the-rules cop doesn’t care that she’s late, let alone that she’s heartbroken because her favorite dog rescue is in danger of being closed. Now she has to meet her date with mud drying on her heels, dog hair covering her dress, and the smell of a barn perfuming her hair. When she arrives, however, Abigail learns her handsome blind date is none other than the cop who pulled her over. 

Abigail has no intention of staying until she learns Cooper Hill is heading a committee for the city that will award a six-figure donation to a charity of their choice. So, what’s a girl to do? Abigail decides a second date is a perfect way to convince Cooper to vote for the dog rescue. Soon, however, Abigail is less interested in Cooper’s vote than she is in his deep voice, kind heart, and tender touch. 

Will this follow-the-rules cop and this follows-her-heart animal lover learn that despite poor first impressions, second chances can lead to love?

Titles in the Do Over Date series include — Million Dollar Date – Double Date Disaster –

(this series is a spin-off from the Kissed By The Bay series – to find that series, all the titles involved and so much more please visit our Susan Hatler page)

Title:  Million Dollar Date
Series:  Do Over Date #1
Author:  Susan Hatler
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 22, 2019
Publisher:  Hatco Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

While I don’t often admit this, I do on ocassion lose sleep because of books usually it’s the fact that I just cannot resist one last check of emails before shutting down – and then seeing that MILLION DOLLAR DATE had dropped onto my Kindle.  So I may be a bit bleary-eyed and certainly not bushy-tailed this morning, but I did devour a fun, sweet, addicting, laugh out loud adventure overnight so I can’t complain.  *grin*

Actually, what you absolutely need to know about MILLION DOLLAR DATE is in the Cover Description, that should be enough to entice you to grab this one.  But if you need further convincing then how about two people who could not possibly be more opposite if they tried really, really hard discovering that those sparks between then need investigating.  Two people who have hearts of gold, they just show that in different ways.  Abigail is an emotional, heart on her sleeve, live life large or go home kinda girl.  Cooper is contained, by the book, follow the rules and don’t take unnecessary risks from the top of his handsome head down to those toes.  They shouldn’t work – but they certainly proved that rule wrong for together they are a powerhouse to watch out for.

There is always more to a person than we see on the surface.  And certainly far more when they meet during an intense situation like Abby and Cooper first did.  Both have issues in their pasts that have shaped who they are today.  With a little digging beneath the surface on both sides, these two are going to discover that blind date or not, they are right for each other for a lifetime.

MILLION DOLLAR DATE is a short, quick read but it packs a powerful emotional and entertainment punch.  There are many secondary characters we will perhaps meet again one day soon in this series, some familiar faces, lots of laughter, a few tears, misunderstandings, and ditching preconceived notions all combined to bring us an enticing first story in the spin-off series of the Kissed by the Bay series.  I had a blast, completely enjoyed myself and didn’t fuss at losing sleep at all – I was too engaged in Abby and Cooper’s bantering to miss a few hours of sleep.

Love a really good love story?  Then go pick up your own copy of MILLION DOLLAR DATE, like right now.

I own a Kindle edition of Million Dollar Date.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle


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