Miracle on Chance Avenue by Jane Porter

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Rory Douglas rarely returns to his home town of Marietta, choosing instead to unleash his demons competing on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour. But after a particularly bruising season, Rory visits Marietta with the idea of buying an investment property and planning for a future he never imagined or wanted.

After ten years as a flight attendant, Sadie Mann has turned in her wings to focus on her shabby chic business and becoming a single mom. Adjusting to her new life is proving harder than she expected and the last thing she needs is unrequited love, Rory Douglas, home for the holidays. Everyone knows he avoids Marietta, Christmas, and settling down, so why is he back now?

Rory and Sadie have never had a chance, but maybe this Christmas will bring the miracle they’re looking for.

Titles in the Love on Chance Avenue series include:  Take Me, Cowboy – Miracle on Chance Avenue

Title:  Miracle On Chance Avenue
Series:  Love On Chance Avenue #2
Author:  Jane Porter
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Christmas Romance
Published:  December 8, 2017
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars

When I opened up my Kindle to begin Miracle On Chance Avenuethe first thing that caught my eye was the dedication page.  Caught my eye and maybe choked up my throat a bit as well …“For all the wonderful, amazing readers who  have taken Marietta, Montana into your hearts – This one is for you!” … Jane Porter, dedication page of Miracle on Chance Avenue”  Now, having completed this simply amazing story I need to say right from the start, Thank you for a wonderful story that not only celebrates everything that Marietta, Montana represents but for giving us such a touching story for the Douglas family.  Nothing can take away the pain of a tragedy, but Rory and Sadie’s story can certainly give a sense of hope, cleansing and perhaps some closure for a family that has been through so much.  So… thank you.

Miracle on Chance Avenue is one of the most touching, most powerful stories I have read.  Period.  And I’ve read a lot of Romance.  It is these things for several reasons.  Certainly a lovely romance between a young woman who has had her heart set on one man, even though he didn’t even know she existed at least as far as she knew.  And one rough, wounded man who took chances with his life every single time he stepped into a rodeo arena because this is the one thing he has control over.  They share a past that Rory isn’t totally aware of, and if Sadie could have her wish they’d share even more.  But she’s never approached him, watching only from the stands as he battles with bulls and mostly wins… except for the time he didn’t.  Life took a painful turn for Sadie, and she made the decision to move home to Marietta, change her life around and find another way to fulfill her dream.  She never expected Rory to return home again, and she certainly never expected him to want to stay… with her.

If you have followed any of the various series set in Marietta, Montana then at some point you’ve heard about the home invasion at the Douglas ranch.  How it has never been solved and left a large part of a family killed senselessly and the surviving children forever touched by an act that has no real ending, for the pain goes on forever.  Rory was the son, the young man who returned home after delivering his sister to a sleepover birthday party to find his brother barely alive and the rest of his family massacred

It’s time for closure in the Douglas family.  And we’ll get to walk along side of Rory and Sadie as they relive that night.with memories both sweet, loving and filled with pain and loss.  We’ll also get to see a new beginning for something that has set alone, deserted for so long merely a place where ghosts walked and memories lingered.  So, yes, when I say powerful I mean that word for you will not close this book without feeling deep in your heart the loss and the love of this couple or this family.  It will move you, and perhaps have you sending up a little prayer of thankfulness for your own blessings.

Ms. Porter has given us readers a wonderful, touching gift in Miracle On Chance Avenue – and for that I say a heartfelt thank you.

I would highly recommend this story to any Romance reader but especially to those readers who love the people of Marietta, Montana almost like family.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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