Montana Baby by Juanita Kees

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Chase Calhoun has worked hard at making Calhoun Customs a world-wide sensation and keeping his father’s dream alive. He hasn’t had time to think about settling down, so he’s not expecting to find love or new life in their garage among the ghosts of his family’s past. 

Charlotte Jackson is on the run from a rebellious past, determined to prove she can be a good mom to three-month-old baby, Zoe. Tired of being delegated to the back office of the racing team her famous NASCAR family owns, she sets out to establish herself as a custom design artist. But her past soon threatens her future and everything she’s worked hard to build is challenged. 

While Chase slowly loses his heart, Charlotte learns that sometimes family is more than just blood and DNA.

Titles in The Calhouns of Montana series include –  Montana BabyMontana Daughter – Montana Son

Title:  Montana Baby (formerly titled Overdrive)
Series:  The Calhouns of Montana #1 (previously titled Calhoun Customs Garage #1)
Author:  Juanita Kees
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  June 26, 2018
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Montana Baby ticked a few boxes that caused this title to catch my attention immediately.  NASCAR.  Enough said.  I’ve followed many NASCAR dynasties throughout my years of race car addiction, mostly the Earnhardt family, so getting the chance to be right inside those famous or infamous families was definitely a draw.  Then there’s the chance to experience a new to me author with Juanita Kees.  And this first book in the Calhoun Customs Garage series only tells me that I’ve got some intriguing reading in my future as I explore this author’s backlist of books.  I love when that happens.   Add to those features the fact that Montana Baby is an intense yet tender story of two people who really are perfect for each other in all their imperfections… and I was hooked.  I’m betting you will be, too.

Charlotte or “Charlie” is the daughter of the Jackson family NASCAR dynasty… or maybe, more precise, the rebellious daughter who can never outshine her brother or please their father.  When her father asks the unthinkable from her Charlie sets out to make her own life.  An unemployed mother with a tiny baby might not be much to form her own dynasty, but all Charlie wants is a place to belong on her own merits.  That shouldn’t be asking for much, yet she’ll find herself living out of her car and crashing in Calhoun’s attic over their custom garage.  She’d been hoping to work as a custom designer for this company, but never thought that she’d be brought into the family in quite the way she was.  Once Chase discovers mother and daughter he does what Chase does… takes care of their problem his own way.  He might not have been looking for it, but he’ll soon discover that he’s found his own family, one that he’ll do anything to care for and protect.

I was caught up and captured by Montana Baby for several reasons.  Mostly for the spark between Charlie and Chase.  Theirs was an attraction, straightforward without misunderstandings and secrets to get in the way – for the most part.  The issues they faced, both individually and together, came from outside their relationship.  That made their falling in love, working toward their own future so much more believable.  Then there’s the fun of two family dynasties… once current, one former and on to a different path now.  The difference between Charlotte’s family and Chase’s is as long as a racetrack.  It doesn’t take long before Charlie and her daughter are brought into the fold of this amazing family.  And there are several Calhoun family members that I cannot wait to read about in this series.

If you’re in the mood for a really good romance, complicated families, finding your own way in life while finding some of the redemptions you’ve missed throughout the years and finding that just right partner for life… then you’ll enjoy Montana Baby and the rest of the series to come.  Ms Kees has set the stage for an intriguing, interesting and believable series with the world building in this first book.  I’m definitely watching for the next title, Montana Daughter, to show up… I cannot wait to continue The Calhouns of Montana series.  You don’t have to be addicted to NASCAR to enjoy this story, that’s just an additional plus.  (grins)  I’d recommend this story and I’m betting you’ll be hooked, too.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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