Montana Mornings by Kim Law

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Gabe Wilde has never been more ready for a change. Thirty-three and in the midst of a divorce, he’s packed up his second-grade daughter and come home to Birch Bay, Montana. New house, new career, new life. Only, with changes come stress. His daughter is struggling with the transition to their new norm—and Gabe is out of ideas as to how to help.

Erica Bird is mired in her own worries. After impulsively leaving the teaching job she loved, she may finally be free from her cheating ex, but separated from her family and everything she’s ever known, second guesses linger. Substitute teaching in Birch Bay is fine for the time being, but what will her future hold?

When Gabe’s daughter winds up in Erica’s class, the two meet—or rather, reunite. Neither has forgotten their college romance or the tender feelings they once shared, but will their complicated pasts destroy their second chance? Or will old desire lead to a new love when each needs it most?

Titles in The Wildes of Birch Bay series include:  Montana Cherries – Montana Rescue – Montana Mornings

Title:  Montana Mornings
Series:  The Wildes of Birch Bay #3
Author:  Kim Law
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 28, 2017
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
My Rating:  4 stars

Montana Mornings is a touching and realistic look at how relationships change, sour, and fall into our past – although not always without fallout or consequences.  For Gabe and his young daughter Jenna, it means returning to Gabe’s roots, going home and starting anew.  For Erica it means setting out on her own in a place that’s far from the life she knew, far from the actions of a cheating ex, finally free but with enough second guesses to make her question her brave step.  Sometimes you have to leave the past behind in order to find a better future.  Unfortunately, that’s not always easy and Gabe, Jenna and Erica will have some difficult times ahead to face.  The question becomes not can they face the future and survive, but can they allow the pain and influences of the past fall away in order to make that future together a lasting one.

The Wildes of Birch Bay series has always been filled with interesting secondary characters, and Montana Morning is no exception.  We’ll run into old faces, and some new ones as well.  We’ve been there with Gabe and Jenna, at least a bit, through the earlier stories in the series.  I found their journey towards a new beginning very realistic, sad and necessary.  Erica and Gabe had a past, and like all young romances that separate they also have lingering emotions about what was, and questions about what could be.  Although their journey back together was filled with emotions, and left over reactions from their ex-es, it felt like a natural romance building, mistakes and misunderstandings along the way, but believable and emotional.  It can be rather iffy to realistically portray children in romance stories (at least, I’ve found it so) yet Jenna was such a wounded soul, hurt, angry, sad and even a bit unsure of how she should be reacting to her new circumstances.  While at times heartbreaking, it was also heartwarming to see the loving relationship between Gabe and his daughter.  He’d do anything to ease her pain, even when he had no clue what the right thing to do was – he didn’t give up on her, and his love was never in question.

If you’ve followed the series, Montana Mornings is a wonderful addition.  It’s been said that this can be read as a stand alone – and perhaps that’s true, but Gabe has been there throughout the series, and I believe you’ll get a better understanding of the whole picture if you’ve followed the series.  In my opinion, at least.

An emotional, touching and satisfying romance, this is one story and a series that I would definitely recommend.  Any Romance reader would enjoy it.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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