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Cowboys and Angels

I have followed the Western Historical Romance Multi-Author series “Cowboys and Angels” since its beginning.  I love watching how the small town of Creede, Colorado has changed, expanded and grown over time.  And I adore the touch of angels that help those citizens find their forever love.

At one time, this list and these reviews were on my Historically Romantic website.  That site no longer exists.  I cannot, or maybe, will not put all of those past reviews here at Keeper Bookshelf.  It’s simply too much now – but I will begin linking the reviews on the newer titles that I’ve read since ending Historically Romantic.  I loved that site of mine, but this change was necessary.

If you love a really good Western Historical Romance series then I would strongly suggest “Cowboys and Angels“.  I’ve loved them all to varying degrees and intend to continue until the series comes to a close (which it did with Healing His Heart the 49th title).  And Creede, Colorado stories continue in the spin-off series “The Matchmaker’s Ball” and that list is below as well.

  1.   Beatrice the Bride by Kirsten Osbourne
  2.   Lucky in Love by Jo Noelle
  3.   Rescuing the Rancher by George H. McVey
  4.   Taming the Trainer by Sara Jolene
  5.   Mail Order Merchant by Kirsten Osbourne (a Brides of Beckham crossover story)
  6.   Waiting on Waylon by Jo Noelle
  7.   Hannah the Healer by George H. McVey
  8.   Wooing the Widow by Sara Jolene
  9.   Bribing the Blacksmith by Amelia Adams
  10.   Bargain for Baby by Kirsten Osbourne
  11.   Kisses with KC by Jo Noelle
  12.   Banking on Beth by George H. McVey
  13.   Captivating the Carpenter by Sara Jolene
  14.   Reforming the Rebel by Kirsten Osbourne
  15.   Tea for Two by Amelia C. Adams
  16.   Suffrage and Suitors by Jo Noelle
  17.   Persuading the Preacher by George H. McVey
  18.   Healing the Hooligan by Sara Jolene
  19.   Loving the Landlord by Amelia C. Adams
  20.   Capturing the Cook by Kirsten Osbourne
  21.   Learning to Love by Jo Noelle
  22.   Sweet on the Swede by George H. McVey (A Ladies of Celeste’s House)
  23.   Bewildering the Barkeep by Sara Jolene (A Celeste’s House story)
  24.   Defying The Darkness by Amelia C. Adams
  25.   Truly His Type by Jo Noelle
  26.   Adoring the Architect by George H. McVey
  27.   Rhyme or Reason by Amelia C. Adams
  28.   Reading the Rancher by Kit Morgan
  29.   Trusting the Tycoon by Marianne Spitzer
  30.   Home for the Holiday by Jo Noelle
  31.   Winning His Wife by George H. McVey
  32.   Making A Memory by Amelia C. Adams
  33.   Caring for the Cowboy by Kit Morgan
  34.   Books and Beaus by Marianne Spitzer
  35.   Redeeming the Rogue by Kit Morgan
  36.   Invitation From Isla by Jo Noelle
  37.   Bride in Blue by Christine Sterling
  38.   Learning Her Lines by Amelia C. Adams
  39.   Beauty and the Baker by Christine Sterling
  40.   Match for the Mayor by Jo Noelle
  41.   Riding the Rails by Amelia C. Adams
  42.   Watching the Wrangler by Kit Morgan
  43.   Charming the Caregiver by Marianne Spitzer
  44.   Tempting the Taylor by Christine Sterling
  45.   Proposal by Post by Jo Noelle
  46.   Honoring Her Heart by Amelia C. Adams
  47.   Nursing the Newcomer by Kit Morgan
  48.   Married by Midnight by Christine Sterling
  49.   Healing His Heart by Jo Noelle   The final story in the Cowboys & Angels series – although there are spin-off series featuring our favorite town of Creede, Colorado so watch for those titles to be listed here as spin-offs.

  1. Spin-off Series from Cowboys & Angels

The Matchmaker’s Ball

  1.   Two-Step with Tess by Jo Noelle
  2.   Allemande with Angel by P. Creeden
  3.   Moonlight with Alice by Amelia C. Adams

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