Quinn Valley Ranch

QUINN VALLEY RANCH is a spin-off from the RIVER’S END RANCH multi-author series that gave us an amazing fictional town with lots of beloved characters.  RER ended at 50-ish titles, and we moved on to the neighboring town of Quinn Valley with the occasional crossover visits from some residents of River’s End Ranch.

I’d reviewed the entire RIVER’S END RANCH series on a website of mine that, unfortunately, no longer exists.  So, I’m picking up the tradition with the spin-off series here at Keeper Bookshelf blog.

All of those reviews are still available to see over on Goodreads should you be interested.

It is also unfortunate that the first 8 titles in this series were reviewed at that now deceased website, and I still haven’t decided to re-post those here or not.  In any event, here are the titles (so far) in the QUINN VALLEY RANCH multi-author series.  Titles that have been reviewed here at Keeper Bookshelf are linked back to the review post.

Quinn Valley Ranch

  1.   Taco-Truck Tryst by Kirsten Osbourne – Ciran & Roxanne
  2.   Ryder Revisited by Pamela M. Kelley – Ryder & Bethany
  3.   Scented Sensibility by Amelia C. Adams – Lindy & Alan
  4.   Fixing Forever by Caroline Lee – Andrew & Rachel
  5.   Contracted Cowboy by Liz Isaacson – Georgia & Logan
  6.   Becoming Brooke by Kay P. Dawson – Brooke & Jared
  7.   Daring Dreamer by Kirsten Osbourne – Renae & Chad
  8.   Carter’s Cowgirl by Melissa McClone – Avery & Carter
  9.   Addie’s Adventurer by Amelia C. Adams – Addie & Jason
  10.   Librarian’s Legend by Caroline Lee – Heather & Jack
  11.   Secret Sweetheart by Liz Isaacson – Betsy & Knox
  12.   Haylee’s Homecoming by Kay P. Dawson – Haylee & Joel
  13.   Derek’s Darling by Kirsten Osbourne – Derek & Raina
  14.   Calling Charlie by Pamela K. Kelley – Maggie & Charlie
  15.   Billionaire’s Bargain by Caroline Lee – Katie & Kenneth
  16.   Landscaping Love by Liz Isaacson – Rhodes & Capri
  17.   Remembering Romance by Kay P. Dawson – Ben & Robyn
  18.   Riley’s Reverend by Kirsten Osbourne – Riley & Blake
  19.   Summer Serenade by Melissa McClone – Ivy & Nash


~~ A bit of a confession — these pages are really a way for me to combine my “TBR List”, “Wish List”, “Oh, I’ve Already Read That” List and “Hmmm, Maybe One Day” Lists.  These pages on my blogs help me to keep my reading adventures in an order that makes sense to me… that they are also of benefit to other readers is a wonderful bonus point for us all.  *grin*