Silver SEALs

There is an amazing group of authors called The Suspense Sisters, combined they have written the  Silver SEALs series, who write military, romantic suspense, sexy romance.  They usually have a series a year.  In 2019 they are giving us the awesome Silver SEALS series which features SEALS who have retired or left the service for a variety of reasons and go on to work with other retired military personnel in a special unit under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security.  They are all honorable, loyal and sexy as sin – and, at least, late 30s-early 40s and beyond.  The ladies they come to love and build a future with are also in that age group.  Which makes this a perfect Seasoned Romance Multi-Author Series.  🙂

Keep in mind that some of the characters you will meet in the Silver SEALs series might have been secondary characters in stories that were part of other series.  When that happens I’ll mention it in the notes after each title, just so it’s easy to find if you want to go check out the other series.

Silver Seals

  1.  SEAL Strong by Cat Johnson – Silas & Maggie (Note: Jon and Zane, secondary characters have their own stories in the Hot SEALS series)
  2.   SEAL Love’s Legacy by Sharon Hamilton –
  3.   SEAL Together by Maryann Jordan –
  4.   SEAL in Charge by Donna Michaels –
  5.   SEAL in a Storm by Kalyn Cooper –
  6.   SEAL Forever by Kris Michaels –
  7.   SEAL Out of Water by Abby Zanders –
  8.   Sign, SEAL and Deliver by Geri Foster
  9.   SEAL Hard by J. M. Madden –
  10.   SEAL Undercover by Desiree Holt –
  11.   SEAL for Hire by Trish Loye – (Note: Jamey first appeared in Hot SEAL in Hollywood part of the Hot SEALS series)
  12.   SEAL at Sunrise by Caitlyn O’Leary –
  13.   SEAL of Fortune by Becky McGraw was delayed due to health issues and may release at the end of the series