My Kind of Cowboy by Pam Crooks

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He’s barely given her a passing glance…

Shandi Flanagan has lived in Paxton Springs, Texas, her whole life. When the bar and grill she’s been working at since high school comes up for sale, she vows to find the money to buy it. But when her house goes up in flames, so do her entrepreneurial dreams. The only good thing to come of it? Being rescued by the hottest cowboy around, Jace Paxton.

Jace has his hands full finding a way to grow his family’s vacation resort and tracking down the rustlers who stole his new herd of calves. At least being able to save Shandi, the town’s favorite sweetheart, goes right. She needs a place to stay, and there’s plenty of room on the Blackstone Ranch.

But he needs the bar and grill as much as she does. And while he’s a formidable competitor…she’s not. How can he take away her dream and future? How could she love him if he did?

Titles in The Blackstone Ranch series include — A Cowboy and A Promise – Her Texas Cowboy – My Kind of Cowboy


Title:  My Kind of Cowboy
Series:  The Blackstone Ranch #3
Author:  Pam Crooks
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  March 16, 2021
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s time to return to The Blackstone Ranch series with Shandi and Jace’s story in My Kind of Cowboy.  It’s always a bittersweet moment for me when I come to the ending of a series, but this one left me with smiles and hopes for the future of the Paxtons and their brides.

Shandi is a hard worker and her plate is overfilled right now in trying to keep herself afloat, pay off her father’s debts, and put aside money when she can to someday buy the bar and grill where she works.  That “someday” came far too soon and Shandi isn’t quite ready, but she’s going for it.  She didn’t expect some of the competition she’d have for this purchase, but nothing is going to stop her from trying her best.  She’s had a crush on one of those men who want to buy the property for as long as she can remember.  Yet, she feels that Jace is unreachable for her – but never say never for things are about to change drastically in Shandi’s life.

Jace may not have the financial concerns that Shandi has, but his troubles come at him in different ways.  The setting up of the family vacation resort and the theft of his cattle are on his mind constantly.  He’s determined to buy the bar and grill, tear it down and build offices for the resort in town.  But he’s about to realize that fulfilling his plan will tear Shandi’s dreams away from her.  He may have known about Shandi for years but the fire at her home, arson really, and the closeness of having her stay at the ranch has opened his eyes to the town sweetheart… and perhaps his heart as well.

My Kind of Cowboy is sweet and intense, a winning combination for this couple (and for us as readers).  The dangers facing both Shandi and Jace are very real and bring intensity to their story.  There definitely are some vile villains here. The discovery of their feelings for each other is another danger to be faced for if Jace does buy the bar and grill that will destroy the dreams of the woman he’s come to love.  Rock and a hard place meet Jace and Shandi.

I enjoyed returning to this world so much.  We’ll run into familiar faces, see some happily ever afters take place, and get a really good story in this wrapping up of the Paxton brother’s love lives.  I’ve had fun here and cannot wait to see where this author takes me next time.  If you love a good romance with believable characters facing life’s challenges with strength and courage – but aren’t afraid to add a little laughter along the way – then you’d enjoy not only My Kind of Cowboy but the entire Blackstone Ranch series.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Tule Publishing. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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