A smoking hot stuntman. A fiery horse breeder. And a 220-acre ranch too small for both of them.

She’s avoided Hollywood for years…

When an arrogant Hollywood stuntman struts into Samantha McNeill’s breeding barn, sparks fly. She doesn’t care how mouthwateringly gorgeous he is, not when he assumes Pacific Vista Ranch’s resident horse breeding manager must be a man. Not to mention his job threatens to pull her family back into the paparazzi filled world they escaped from over a decade ago.

Now it’s at her door––wearing faded jeans and a wicked grin.

Holt Ericsson can tell the beautiful redhead hates him on sight and the feeling is becoming mutual. But he will call in a favor and convince Sam’s legendary director father that Pacific Vista Ranch is the only suitable place left in California to film an epic Western. Holt’s invested all his savings in the movie and his entire career is riding on it. No way will he allow one irritating, sexy woman to stand in his way.

Sam intends to fight him at every turn…if only her heart didn’t race when they’re together. Holt does his best to steer clear of her…except all he wants to do is hold her close. The sizzling attraction between them is either going to burn up the sheets or burn down the ranch.

Titles in the Pacific Vista Ranch series include — Nobody Else But You

Title:  Nobody Else But You
Series:  Pacific Vista Ranch #1
Author:  Claire Marti
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  September 4, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU is the first story in the Pacific Vista Ranch series, and it is a powerful introduction to characters who will capture not only your imagination but your heart as well.  When tragedy struck their family, Sam’s father moved his three daughters far away from the media frenzy that is rampant in Hollywood to the peaceful, beautiful country in another part of California.  They will rebuild their lives, move on to happiness and a great future – right up until Hollywood came knocking again in the form of Holt Ericsson determined to have their ranch be the setting for a movie he’s sunk his life savings into.  He never expected the fiery hellcat who fights him at every turn or could have believed that enemies could one day be intense lovers as well.

Sam has no love for this Hollywood face or his desire to use their ranch for his movie.  They had left the craziness of Tinsel Town far behind and here he comes bringing back memories that she’d thought were finally healed. She will fight him every step of the way until one kind of emotion turns into the love of a lifetime.

Their arguing and butting heads type of banter is so realistic that you can feel the tension through the pages, the sexual tensions as well since they might not agree on using the ranch but there certainly is a sizzle simmering between Holt and Sam.  There is some world building in NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU, there has to be in the first story of a series but everything we learn flows naturally through the dialogue and narrative.  I never felt an information dump (which I cannot stand) at any point.  The secondary characters add so much to this story as we meet the people who will be part of this series.  I was easily swept away to this beautiful ranch and into the lives of Holt and Sam.  If you enjoy an enemies-to-lovers type of romance, then you’ll want to pick this one up now.  I enjoyed my time in this world and will be waiting for the next release.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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