Nursing the Newcomer by Kit Morgan

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A woman with the face of an angel.
A man with the grace of … well, he could use some.

Maxwell Donovan has the chance to prove himself as a Pinkerton detective. Unfortunately, he’s not very good at being one. In fact, its not that he’s short on brains, just balance, which lands him in more trouble than he’d care to admit. Then along came an angel …

Angel Thorne came to Creede to escape the matrimonial wiles of her aunt. But being a nurse in a place like Creede has its own trouble. Like everywhere else, no one can see past her pretty face, which makes Angel figure on a lifetime of spinsterhood. After all, she wants a man that will love her for her mind as well. Will she ever find such a man?

Nursing the Newcomer is the 47th title in the multi-author series, Cowboys and Angels   For a complete list of titles and authors in this series please visit the Cowboys and Angels page.

(Now that the Cowboys and Angels series has ended with the 49th title – I need to binge read to catch up – be sure to look for the spin-off The Matchmaker’s Ball series)

Title:  Nursing the Newcomer
Series:  Cowboys and Angels #47
Author:  Kit Morgan
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  September 12, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Nursing the Newcomer is a delightful romance with a hero who will have you laughing at his accident-prone life, but never at him.  Poor Max.  He’s like a bull in a store full of delicate glassworks and I probably shouldn’t have been the least bit surprised by his clumsiness resulting in that particular injury.  These kinds of things just… happen to Max.

Angel simply wants to be loved for herself.  Not her beauty, not what she can bring to a man’s ego by being pretty eye candy on his arm to be displayed at events… just loved for her intelligence, her caring attitude, her good heart, herself.  She’s a natural healer, she loves caring for others and has made the trip to Creede to begin a life that has meaning, purpose, and should love come along that’s great but she’s not holding out much hope.  She never expected Max or to fall for a bumbling, accident-prone man who isn’t exactly as he seems – but he is a man who truly “sees” her for herself, and that’s very hard to resist.

Kit Morgan always delivers a story full of mischief, laughter, banter, and loving the person just right for her characters.  I adored Nursing the Newcomer.  We get a sweet, funny, intriguing love story and some answers to a long-standing thread in the Cowboys and Angels series.  If you love angels, couples falling in love, a touch of danger, or simply a darned good story then you’ll want to pick up Angel’s and Max’s story right now.  I had such a good time back in this world and I’m going to miss it so much once I finish my binge reading of the final stories.  (but then there are always spin-offs, right?)

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