Once Hunted, Twice Shy by Mandy M. Roth

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Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there’s no such thing as normal.

Wolf shifter Hugh Lupine simply wants to make it through the month and win the bet he has with his best friend. He’s not looking to date anyone, or to solve a murder, but when a breathtaking beauty runs him over (literally) he’s left no choice but to take notice of the quirky, sassy newcomer. She’d be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact she’s the granddaughter of the local supernatural hunter. Even if he can set aside his feelings about her family, Penelope is his complete opposite in all ways.

Penelope Messing wanted to get away from the harsh reminder that her boyfriend of two years dumped her. Several pints of ice cream and one plane ticket to Maine later, she’s ready to forget her troubles. At least for a bit. When she arrives in the sleepy little fishing town of Everlasting, for a surprise visit with her grandfather, she soon learns that outrunning one problem can lead to a whole mess of others. She finds herself the prime suspect in a double homicide. She doesn’t even kill spiders, let alone people, but local law enforcement has their eyes on her.

The secrets of Everlasting come to light and Penelope has to not only accept that things that go bump in the night are real but apparently, she’s destined for a man who sprouts fur and has a bizarre obsession with fish sticks. Can they clear Penelope’s name and set aside their differences to find true love?

Titles in the multi-author ‘Happily Everlasting‘ series include –  Dead Man Talking by Jana DeLeon – Once Hunted, Twice Shy by Mandy M. Roth – Fooled Around and Spell In Love by Michelle M. Pillow – Witchful Thinking by Kristen Painter – Total Eclipse of the Hunt by Mandy M. Roth – Curses and Cupcakes by Michelle M. Pillow – An Everlasting Christmas by Mandy M. Roth

There is, also, a ‘Happily Everlasting‘ World series, ‘Bewitchingly Everafter‘ by Mandy M. Roth — those titles include – Don’t Stop Bewitching – Everybody Wants to Rune the World – Do You Really Want to Haunt Me?  (I’ll be hopping into this world once done with the ‘Happily Everlasting‘ series.)

Title:  Once Hunted, Twice Shy
Series:  Happily Everlasting #2
Author:  Mandy M. Roth
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Published:  October 17, 2017
Publisher:  Raven Happy Hour
My Rating:  4 stars

I adore Paranormal Cozy Mysteries, I rarely try to figure out whodunit (although I have my guesses along the way), I simply enjoy the story, the characters we meet, and the time being swept away, entertained, and often with a few good chuckles tossed in.  It does not matter how new or how old the story or series is – it’s the first time I’m reading it so it’s fresh to me.  (this is why I’m vague and careful about spoilers in reviews, you never know when someone’s reading a book for the first time)

Once Hunted, Twice Shy‘ is the second title in the multi-author series, ‘Happily Everlasting‘, and we’re about to meet some unique characters with, let’s say, unusual abilities beyond being a shifter or a witch.  When multiple authors make up a series it’s always fun to watch how new characters are added, how familiar ones are included, and how each author has their own twist on the backstories.

Penelope really has no clue as to the magic that runs through her family, or the role her grandfather’s played in the lives or fate of many people who live in Everlasting, Maine.  All she knows right now is that she’s been dumped, duped, and is running to the one man she can trust above all others… her grandfather.  It doesn’t take long before odd things begin to happen, or accusations of murder will be tossed in her direction.  She’s about to meet her mate, although she has no idea that shifters even exist, let alone intends to fall for a man who seems to have an unending need to show off his swearing abilities (although it is amusing to see those bad words become funny phrases as he tries, without success, to give a good cussing rant).

Hugh is such a sweetheart, well around his lady, even though he had no intention of ever settling down… fate had something else planned for him.  But did the love of his life have to be Messing’s granddaughter?  Fate and the magic abilities of the townsfolk prove to be quite insistent that Penelope and Hugh belong together.

I had such a good time watching a mystery be solved, meeting new residents of Everlasting, and watching two people who appear to be complete opposites at first glace find a happy ever after ending.  If you love a really good Paranormal Cozy Mystery then you should be checking out the ‘Happily Everlasting‘ series, and especially ‘Once Hunted, Twice Shy‘.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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