One Night for Seduction by Erica Ridley

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Meet the unforgettable men of London’s most notorious tavern, The Wicked Duke. Seductively handsome, with charm and wit to spare, one night with these rakes and rogues will never be enough…

When the Wicked Duke dares the Duke of Colehaven to find a suitor for an unmanageable ward, Cole immediately accepts. He’s on a winning streak, and besides, how unmarriageable can a pretty young lady be? He appoints himself bodyguard and duenna, only to discover his own desires may be the greatest danger of all.

Supposed wallflower Diana Middleton lives a double life, bringing dishonest businessmen to justice. Shaking off a meddling duke should be child’s play. Yet the more they lock horns, the more she wants to lock lips. Her scandalous secrets would derail his political career. But surely there’s no harm in one little seduction…

Titles in the Wicked Dukes Club alternating author series include — One Night for Seduction by Erica Ridley – One Night of Surrender by Darcy Burke – One Night of Passion by Erica Ridley – One Night of Scandal by Darcy Burke – One Night to Remember by Erica Ridley – One Night of Temptation by Darcy Burke

Title:  One Night for Seduction
Series:  Wicked Dukes Club #1
Author:  Erica Ridley
Genre:  Historical Romance
Published:  April 15, 2019
Publisher:  WebMotion
My Rating:  4.5 stars

The opening story of the Wicked Dukes Club series drew me in quickly and kept me entertained throughout Cole and Diana’s intense romance.  ONE NIGHT FOR SEDUCTION tells the tale of a Duke who never expected to rise to that title as he comes from very humble, poor beginnings and one society miss who would rather blend into the background in order to continue her life’s mission of outing corrupt businessmen as they steal from those less fortunate by using every legal loophole and shady practice possible.  He never turns down a wager, and being on a decade long winning streak why would he?  And she will never marry for marriage would prevent her from doing the work she has set her life aside to accomplish.  So, a wager to find a suitable marriage partner for an unmarriageable ward seems to be one that Cole believes he can win, and that Diana is determined that he lose.

I enjoyed Cole very much.  He doesn’t have the ingrained belief that he is better than everyone around him, mainly his personality, but also that he came into the title later in life and knows a far different world than that of the ton.  He is an admirable man, definitely a sexy man, one who is caught in his own web of wagering when his feelings for Diana explode into true desire and real love.  Diana.  I liked her and yet at times she frustrated me by her more modern take on things.  She’s stubborn and determined which works well for what she wants to accomplish.  It took me longer to warm up to her but her feelings for Cole were very real, even when she tried so hard to deny them.

We meet the gentlemen who will be part of this series, and I cannot wait for these men to meet their ultimate match – they are in for an awakening.  With secondary characters that bring the story to life ONE NIGHT FOR SEDUCTION is an intriguing beginning to this series by Erica Ridley and Darcy Burke.  It will be fun to follow these unfolding adventures and I’d definitely recommend this story and series to any reader of Historical Romance that enjoys a good story, believable characters, a bit of a twist and chemistry that blazes across the pages.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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