Print“Waiting on” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating… cannot wait to get our hands on… having hissy fits at having to wait… you know, waiting for the book is exhausting work!

Cat's Lair CFThe #1 New York Times bestselling author of Leopard’s Prey returns to the feral underworld of her astonishing Leopard novels in an arousing new romance of forbidden animal instincts…

Cat Benoit has finally escaped the past—and the man who was the source of her nightmares. She’s off the grid, underground but watchful, and creating a new life for herself in Texas, far from the torrid dangers of her native New Orleans. She’s safe. He’ll never find her this time. Cat has to believe that. It’s the only thing keeping her sane.

Yet she can’t escape the attention of Ridley Cromer, the instructor at the martial arts dojo where Cat takes lessons. She arouses the animal in Ridley—and something feral comes to life when their body heat rises. Cat is in no position to let her guard down with anyone, especially someone who could be endangered by her past. But Ridley has secrets of his own—secrets only Cat would understand. If she dares to trust him.

Cat’s Lair (Leopard People #7) by Christine Feehan releases in May, so not too long to wait on this one for me.  I love my shifters series.




The Fairy Tale Bride OUAWedding1Title:  The Fairy Tale Bride
Series:  Once Upon A Wedding
Author:  Kelly McClymer
Genre:  Victorian, Historical Romance
Published:  October 2000
Publisher:  Zebra Books
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Owned, Personal Collection

The Fensters were like many other proper Victorian families—in every way but one. Ignoring the grim convention that one married for wealth and title, these spirited siblings followed their hearts…and vowed to wed only for love.

Happily-ever-after is all she ever wanted…

Even though society thinks her all but unmarriageable, Miranda Fenster still believes in true love. She’ll do anything to advance its cause, even confront the man whose disapproval is all that keeps her dear brother from making a romantic match. But Miranda’s impetuous meeting with the Duke of Kerstone has a far different outcome than she intended. For when the cynical nobleman realizes she’s been compromised by their tryst, he insists on nothing less than marriage. Now suddenly, the champion of fairy tale endings finds herself a most unlikely bride!

Read on for my thoughts on The Fairy Tale Bride.  No true spoilers, promise.

The Widow WagerTitle:  The Widow Wager
Series:  The Notorious Flynns #3
Author:  Jess Michaels
Genre:  Regency Romance
Published:  April 21, 2015
Publisher:  The Passionate Pen
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Crispin Flynn has been on a downward spiral ever since he lost the woman he loved and watched his brother forced into a life he never would have chosen. His response has been drinking and gambling his way to utter ruin. One night, deep in his cups, he places a dangerous bet that results in him being forced to marry Gemma, the widow of the Earl of Laurelcross.

Gemma once had a passionate side, but has been hiding it ever since her much older husband died during the act of making love. Now she finds herself the much unwanted wife of one of the biggest libertines in London and the subject of even more gossip than ever.

Once they determine they cannot escape the marriage, the two begin a slow circling of each other. Passion is easy, but can they overcome mistrust and secrets in order to make the worst night of their lives one of their best? Or are they bound to lose each other before their love can take root?

Read on for my thoughts on The Widow Wager.  No true spoilers, promise.

Rescued by the RancherTitle:  Rescued by the Rancher
Series:  Tall Pines Ranch #2
Author:  Victoria James
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 14, 2015
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Meredith Anderson left her difficult past behind to create a new life for herself in Tall Pines—where she can be the independent, confident woman she always dreamed of being. Now she’s a partner in her sister’s wedding planning business, helping brides realize their happily-ever-afters…even as she promises herself to never fall in love.

Meredith’s sweetness and vulnerability brings out the protective side of rancher Gage McAllister—even though their worlds are miles apart. All it takes is one night for desire to take hold of them both, a sizzling encounter that can only lead to the promise of more. But Meredith isn’t looking for more, and even if she was, Gage is set to leave Tall Pines behind him…

Read on for my thoughts on Rescued by the Rancher.  No true spoilers, promise.

Unbound Colours of LoveTitle:  Unbound ~ Colours of Love
Series:  Colours of Love
Author:  Kathryn Taylor
Genre:  Romance, Erotica, Womens Fiction
Published:  April 13, 2015
Publisher:  Bastei Entertainment
My Rating:  3 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Grace is young and has led a sheltered life. She hasn’t yet taken much of an interest in men. It’s only while doing an internship in London, where she meets the alluring Jonathan Huntington, that our sleeping beauty is awoken from her slumber. Jonathan is rich, incredibly attractive, and stems from British royalty – but he is a far cry from Prince Charming.

He lures Grace ever deeper into his world of sinister passion, and she is sucked further and further into the maelstrom of her own growing desires. But when Jonathan demands she do the unthinkable to prove her love for him, she realizes just how dangerous her feelings for him are.

Read on for my thoughts on Unbound ~ Colours of Love.  No true spoilers, promise.

Cover Characteristic memeThe ladies at  Sugar and Snark  are hosting a Cover Characteristic meme.  Weekly a subject will be chosen and we search for book covers related to that week’s pick.  Why not?  I certainly have tons of book covers in my files (and I know how to find more *wink*).

This week’s choice is Black Covers.   Hmmm…. black covers.  This one had me stumped for a bit.  So I dug through my cover files and found I actually had more than I first thought.  Now to narrow them down to 5.  I’ll try, but I always end up with more.   (I ended up with more – a couple might be a bit iffy on the totally black, so I hedged my bets)  *wink*

My Choices for “Black Covers”

Archeron skA Quick BiteBroken (Lost)ReftBlk bittenBlk wicked nights

Just For AppearancesTitle:  Just For Apperances
Series:  Lake Bliss
Author:  Jenna Rutland
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 14, 2015
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Rachel Clarke is a single mom with three boys, and she needs help. Now. Unfortunately, her only option is John MacDonald-her high school sweetheart and the disgraced hometown hero who’s just returned to Lake Bliss. He’s perfect for the job. He cooks, he cleans, and he’s amazing with kids. He’s also still far too sinfully hot for Rachel’s comfort…

Rachel is just as gorgeous as John remembers. But in order for his new youth activity center to be a success, John needs Rachel’s help to earn the town’s trust back. In exchange, he’ll take care of her boys for the summer while she works. Except keeping their relationship strictly business is harder than he imagined. But summer can’t last forever, and when it ends, so will their arrangement-and John’s time in Lake Bliss.

Read on for my thoughts on Just For Appearances.  no true spoilers, promise.

The Closer We GetTitle:  The Closer We Get
Series:  The Oil Barons #2
Author:  Ann Jacobs
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 8, 2015
Publisher:  Beyond The Page Publishing
My Rating:  3 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Erin Winters has struggled ever since the accident that took her husband’s life and left her young son seriously injured. Desperate to get her son the surgery he needs, she agrees to become a surrogate mother. But when the wife dies unexpectedly, Erin is suddenly faced with the demands of the grieving husband and carrying a child she has come to think of as her own.

Blake Tanner had it all—marriage to a woman he adored, a successful career as a lawyer, and a child on the way. Now, tormented by his loss and overwhelmed by the prospect of single fatherhood, Blake comes up with a solution that might be his final undoing.

In the hopes that he can give his child the life he deserves, he asks Erin and her son to live with him. In exchange, he will provide them both with all the advantages a wealthy Texan has to offer. It’s a simple financial arrangement that makes perfect sense to Blake, until the grief that marks his days is slowly replaced by the glimmer of hope, and desire, the beautiful woman stirs in him.

As Erin and Blake surrender to the powerful sensual force that neither can ignore, the two must help each other overcome their anguish and dare to build a new life, and love, together.

Read on for my thoughts on The Closer We Get..  No true spoilers, promise.

Domestic Violence touches thousands of women (and men) every single day of the year.  Stacy Eaton’s new release, Barbara’s Plea gives a voice to victims of abuse.  It is a powerful story.  It will touch you, it will educate you to the realities of daily life for so many people.  It is a story that needs to be told.  I hope you will find a copy and read it.  It could change a life.

I had the privilege of reviewing an e-ARC of Barbara’s Plea.  Here is a link to that review.



Veronika Layne gets the ScoopTitle:  Veronika Layne Gets The Scoop
Series:  Hot Off The Presses #1
Author:  Julia Park Tracey
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  October 28, 2014
Publisher:  Booktrope
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Veronika Layne. Sassy, tattooed, twenty-something newspaper reporter. Never saw herself working for the “man.”

When her small weekly is swallowed up by Singh Media Group, that’s exactly where she ends up. Stuck writing fluff pieces that might as well be ads, how can she resist digging into rumors that a real estate developer is destroying native burial grounds? Warned away at every turn by her editor, she worries whether the story will see the light of day.

And dazzled by her sexy rival-turned-coworker, what is she going to do about her love life?

Read on for my thoughts on Veronika Layne Gets The Scoop.  No true spoilers, promise.