Puppy Love by Lucy Gilmore

These adorable service puppies are matchmakers in the making…

When Sophie Vasquez and her sisters dreamed up Puppy Promise, their service puppy training school, it was supposed to be her chance to bring some good into the world. But how can she expect to do anything when no one will take her seriously?

Enter Harrison Parks: a rough, gruff, take-no-bull wildlife firefighter in need of a diabetic service dog. He couldn’t be a more unlikely fit for Sophie or Bubbles-the sweet Pomeranian she knows will be his perfect partner-but when Sophie insists he gives them both a shot, something unexpected happens: he listens. Even better, he keeps on listening, even as Sophie and Bubbles turn his lonely, uber-masculine world upside-down.

As it turns out, they all have something to prove…and more than enough room in their hearts for a little puppy love.

Titles in the Service Puppies/Forever Home series include – Puppy Love – Puppy Christmas – Puppy Kisses –

Title:  Puppy Love
Series:  Service Puppies/Forever Home #1
Author:  Lucy Gilmore (debut novel)
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  May 28, 2019
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Alright, I admit it, this one had me at “puppy” and gained my affection within the first chapter.  PUPPY LOVE  not only delivers a charming romance with a bit of a sizzle factor, but it also shows the heart of any service dog (or those that train them).  In order to return to his life work as a wildlife firefighter, Harrison will need to have a service dog to alert him to changes in his diabetes.  He’s already gone into a diabetic coma from low blood sugar once, and his boss will not let him return until he has a dog that can monitor him and push him into taking care of his medical situation.  Now Harrison, being a gruff, silent type of guy pictures himself with a Husky, a Great Dane, maybe even a German Shephard – but a Pomeranian who is just as nervous about all of this as he is, not exactly what he pictured.  Yet true love often comes in the small form of a puppy who will never be a huge, intimidating adult.  So Bubbles and Harrison set out to bond and to train — and maybe to fall in love.

Sophie survived childhood leukemia and is a healthy, thriving adult who along with her sisters is putting everything she has into their service puppy business.  Now if only her family would stop trying to baby her, to coddle her, to not let her live outside of bubblewrap she just might find a life for herself.  Enter Harrison who has issues of his own and has no idea of Sophie’s past medical history.  Here is a man who is treating her like any other female and Sophie comes to life under his attention.  Maybe she’s found what she never dared to dream of, a man who loves her just as she is.

I loved PUPPY LOVE on so many levels.  Service dogs are amazing, talented, loving creatures and such a help and blessing to those they care for.  That bond is for life.  I, personally, am always amazed by what they can do for their person.  This story also deals with very real medical issues, one a survivor and the way those that love them try to keep on protecting them from life long beyond what’s necessary – and a man who is dealing with a medical condition that will affect his life and those he cares about for the remainder of his life.  The believability factor is strong in PUPPY LOVE.  I fell in love with Bubbles, and I’ve no doubt you will as well.  Sophie and Harrison work so well together and watching them fall in love and deal with life was such a touching, emotional journey.  There are issues to be dealt with, life happens that way, yet this couple is real, believable and you’ll be cheering them on throughout their story.  I cannot wait to continue this series.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in a variety of formats including the Kindle

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