Read The Books You Buy 2017 Challenge

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Yes, the 2017 Challenges are firing up and we all know that I suck at Challenges… or rather, at reporting and recording Challenges.  I have no idea if I’ll do better this year but I’ll certainty give it my best shot.

There is a fun looking Challenge over at Book Date that is something many of us truly need – especially if you review books.  A vow to actually read the books we purchase for ourselves in the coming year.  I buy books with great intentions of reading them right away… but review requests or review commitments on NetGalley often will have me putting aside my own pure reading pleasure in favor of doing what I’m supposed to do.  And, honestly, it sucks at times.  Not because the books I was committed to read were bad, they mostly were wonderful… but the books I bought with  my hard earned cash are sitting in a TBR pile – and that was not my intent.

In the brand new year of 2017 I would like to change that track record of mine to something more reasonable than 10% of purchased books actually read.  That’s not good by any stretch of the imagination.  And I’ve got an amazing imagination.

So to keep it truly short and simple, the Read the Books You Buy Reading Challenge 2017 simply asks that you make the decision to do just that, then list the books you have purchased (you can start as early as July 2016 and add them to the list as you purchase them) to your joining post – then figure a way to mark them as read, cross-through or list the review you did… on that joining post.  Nothing new to do throughout the year just add to your existing list.  How easy is that.  A check-in for July and again in December and you’re done.

I think this one is easy enough for me to accomplish.  (read above – I suck at Challenges).  Interested?  Then follow the graphic link or the written one to the Book Date blog and check it out for yourself to see just how easy it truly can be.

Definitely looking forward to this… and I believe I’m going to go back to July, 2016 as my starting place.  I need to take a little time to go over my Amazon purchase records for all the books — yes, I’ve forgotten some I’m sure.  *hangs head*

Get all the detains in this blog post – Read The Books You Buy Reading Challenge 2017 hosted by Book Date

Happy reading everyone – and good luck.