Reissue/Reprint Wednesday is a new feature here born from a discovery today that a long-time, often re-read trilogy is being re-released in trade size format with brand new covers.

Yay!  I re-read this trilogy at least once a year.  To me it is just that good, I get caught up in the lives of these three women and their men and I must revisit them.  (in truth, my original copies are now getting a bit frayed so this is really good news)

This feature also comes out of annoyance at buying novels that I already own! Grrrr!  I cannot stand it when I’m pulled in by a new cover, thinking “Oh, how did I miss this one?” only to discover that — it’s on my bookshelf already.  Novels are reprinted or reissued all the time, so it’s hard to keep up with them all, but I’m going to showcase one or two a week in the hopes that it helps someone else from buying a duplicate copy of something they already read.

So to start this feature, the reissue novels of this week are:

The Three Sisters Island Trilogy

Dance Upon The Air (January 2015)Dance Upon The Air TRade

When Nell Channing arrives on charming Three Sisters Island, she believes that she’s finally found refuge from her abusive husband—and from the terrifying life she fled so desperately eight months ago…

But even in this quiet, peaceful place, Nell never feels entirely at ease. Careful to conceal her true identity, she takes a job as a cook at the local bookstore café—and begins to explore her feelings for the island sheriff, Zack Todd. But there is a part of herself she can never reveal to him, for she must continue to guard her secrets if she wants to keep the past at bay. One careless word, one misplaced confidence, and the new life she’s so carefully created could shatter completely.

Just as Nell starts to wonder if she’ll ever be able to break free of her fear, she realizes that the island suffers under a terrible curse—one that can only be broken by the descendants of the Three Sisters, the witches who settled the island back in 1692. And now, with the help of two other strong, gifted women—and the nightmares of the past haunting her every step—she must find the power to save her home, her love…and herself.

Heaven and Earth (May 2015)Heaven and Earth TRade

Ripley Todd just wants to live a quiet, peaceful kind of life. Her job as a sheriff’s deputy keeps her busy and happy, and she has no trouble finding men when she wants them—which, lately, isn’t all that often. She’s perfectly content, except for one thing: she has special powers that both frighten and confuse her—and though she tries hard to hide them, she can’t get them under control…

Distraction soon arrives in the handsome form of MacAllister Booke—a researcher who’s come to investigate the rumors of witchcraft that haunt Three Sisters Island. Right from the start, he knows there’s something extraordinary about Ripley Todd. It’s not just her blazing green eyes and her sultry smile. There’s something else. Something he can detect, but she’ll never admit. Fascinated by her struggle with her amazing abilities, he becomes determined to help her accept who she is—and find the courage to open her heart.

But before Ripley and Mac can dream of what lies in the future, they must confront the pain of the past. For Three Sisters shelters centuries of secrets—and a legacy of danger that plagues them still…


Face the Fire (June 2015)Face the Fire TRade

Mia Devlin knows what it’s like to love with your whole heart—and then watch your love walk away. Years ago, she and Sam Logan shared an incredible bond built on passion, legend, and fate. But then one day he fled Three Sisters Island, leaving her lost in memories of the magic they shared—and determined to live without love…

The new owner of the island’s only hotel, Sam has returned to Three Sisters with hopes of winning back Mia’s affections. He is puzzled when she greets him with icy indifference—for the chemistry between them is still sizzling and true. Angry, hurt and deeply confused, Mia refuses to admit that a passion for Sam still burns up her heart. But she’ll need his help—and his powers—to face her greatest, most terrifying challenge. And as the deadline for breaking a centuries-old curse draws near, they must take the first steps toward destiny—and come together to turn back the dark…

(descriptions are from the back cover of each book)

These new covers are simply stunning, and represents each of the three “sisters” in this trilogy very well (in  my opinion).  I cannot wait for these.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Nell, Ripley and Mia before then may I suggest that you treat yourself to these reissued novels when they hit the bookstores throughout 2015.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  🙂