Remembering A True Princess

It was on this date that the world lost the presence of a beautiful soul, when sons lost their mother, a brother lost his sister, a mother lost her daughter – and the world took a long look at how she had been hounded throughout her time as Princess.

I was one of millions who admired the young lady who grew into a woman most men would be proud to have at their side.  A woman who took on unpopular causes, a mother who would expose her boys to a reality beyond the castle gates.  Her beauty and compassion grew over the years and so did her sadness.  After a time it was obvious.

Today, on this anniversary of her death I remember Diana, Princess of Wales, and wonder what might have been if not for the race to evade paparazzi.

I found this montage online along with Elton John’s moving memorial song.  Perhaps you also remember the day we lost the Princess of the people’s hearts.


2 thoughts on “Remembering A True Princess

  1. Isn’t it so real life how the world adored a young woman who became a princess but never really lived the fairy tale.

    I admired her, not for the jewels and lifestyle.. but for the woman she became in spite of how her fairy tale turned out.

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