Rescuing Hi`ilani by Reina Torres

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Jackson Guard, aka “Ajax,” gave up the woman he was falling for because it had been drilled into his head that being in the Delta Force was the greatest sacrifice he’d ever make. Meeting with “Ghost” and “Truck” from a Texas-based Delta Force unit opened his eyes. These men… their entire unit were all happy, in love, some with kids. It gave him hope that he could have it all too. He just has to plead his case to the woman whose heart he broke.  

Hi`ilani Ahfong was ready to give everything up for love and follow Jackson where ever he was stationed around the world, but he didn’t just put the brakes on, he left her on the side of the road wondering where she’d gone wrong. Her manager barely managed to hold onto the ‘I told you so’ she so richly deserved and helped her focus her energy on performing and building her career. Now, she’s back on track. 

Everything changes when Hi`ilani walks into the middle of a murder. Fleeing for her life, she runs smack dab into the very man who’d broken her heart. Now the murderers are after her, needing to shut her up, and that’s trouble that can hurt the people she loves. Jackson wants to take care of her and keep her safe while the police track down the men. But she’s put her trust in Jackson before. She’d given him her heart and soul and he’d left her bleeding. How can he make her believe that this time he’s in for the long haul and not just ‘Rescuing Hi`ilani’?

Rescuing Hi`ilani is part of the Special Forces: Operation Alpha, Delta Force Hawaii world, which is, in turn, part of the SEAL of Protection universe.

Title:  Rescuing Hi`ilani
Series: Special Forces: Operation Alpha, Delta Force Hawaii – part of the SEAL of Protection universe
Author:  Reina Torres
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  March 12, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Rescuing Hi`ilani is that delightful combination of intense, action-filled suspense along with a second chance to getting love right this time around – if life is kind.

When Jackson took on a commander role in Delta Force it was driven home to him that he was better off, and his loved ones were safer if he had no outside commitments.  An enemy could easily use a wife, family in a hostage situation or threaten their lives or worse.  He would, in fact, be protecting those he loved by remaining on his own.  So, he made the most difficult decision of his life and walked away from his love with little explanation.  He was, after all, protecting Hi`ilani.  Too bad for him that she didn’t see it that way.

Hi`ilani would have followed Jackson anywhere, her love for him was so deep and committed that nothing he asked of her would have been too much… except when he asked to be set free.  Devastated, she threw herself back into her career, her performances and tried to get the man she still loved out of her heart and mind.  Now, Jackson is back in her life, protecting her from those who were caught in the act of murder – by Hi`ilani.  They will not stop until she is dead as well… and that’s something that Jackson will not allow to happen.

I fell in love with the characters, the culture and the location of Rescuing Hi`ilani.   I freely admit to a good chuckle over Jackson’s reaction to the fact that other Delta Force personnel actually have wives and kids, and definitely a happy life outside of their military duties.  What had been driven into his head as an absolute fact could, in reality, be possible with everyone involved loved, happy and safe. And I mentally cheered when he immediately took his new found friends to see his love perform… he wasted no time.

I also thoroughly enjoyed that Hi`ilani made him work to win her back.  He has broken her in two, and he’s going to work to prove to her that she should place her trust in him again.

There is tension, danger, and a lot of action in Rescuing Hi`ilani, you won’t be disappointed on that front.  I so enjoyed learning more of the Hawaiian culture, Ms. Torres took me right to the islands and I loved every second of my visit.  Jackson and Hi`ilani were so right together and their romance, along with the suspense drives this story.  I’ll not go into the romantic suspense aspect as you should discover that mystery all on your own.   This one was priceless, and I’m definitely wanting to return for more adventures.

If you love a good romance, some romantic suspense and definitely some fast action then you’ll feel right at home with Rescuing Hi`ilani, I would not hesitate to recommend this one to any Romantic Suspense, Mystery or Romance reader.  Ms. Torres always captivates me, no matter what genre she’s writing in… yeah, she’s that good.  Go check her out.

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