Resisting the Doctor by Patricia W. Fischer

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After being hired as the temporary director of Marietta Medical ER, Dr. Lucy Davidson meticulously plots the course she wants the quickly growing facility to take. She’s laser-focused, determined to prove herself worthy to become the permanent director. No distraction will sway her…not even the brilliant and disturbingly handsome new Emergency Room physician, Thomas McAvoy.

Fulfilling a promise, Thomas has come to Marietta to help the woman who saved his life then leave as soon as possible. Still sustaining injuries from the near fatal attack, he realizes how much he appreciates the slower pace of his temporary assignment at a rural hospital. It’s a soothing balm after years in an hectic urban ER.

The charm of Marietta and the friendliness of his colleagues lure Thomas into thinking he might like to make his temporary position permanent, especially since he and Lucy have become closer. As their relationship begins to heat up, Thomas realizes Lucy is everything he dreamed of in a life partner, and he can’t imagine letting her go. But when they both realize they are up for the same promotion, will they be able to keep their personal and professional lives separate?

Titles in the Marietta Medical series include:  Resisting the Doctor – Challenging the Doctor –

Title:  Resisting the Doctor
Series:  Marietta Medical #1
Author:  Patricia W. Fischer
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 29, 2018
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

For a small town Marietta, Montana certainly has grown even in the few years that I’ve been reading stories and series featuring my favorite fictional small town setting.  Over those years the small hospital in Marietta has been mentioned in several stories.  Some improvements made, a few new doctors being brought in but nothing dedicated exclusively to the staff, doctors, nurses, techs and just everyday people who make that hospital run as smoothly as it does… until now with the Marietta Medical series.

This new series starts off with Resisting the Doctor which brings us two dedicated, competent and extremely stubborn doctors.  Thomas is a doctor who travels to assignments on a temporary basis.  He’s a talented ER doctor who doesn’t put down roots, and he’s happy with his life… for the most part.  After the attack though he’s beginning to second guess his decisions – and after meeting Lucy those questions are even larger.  Lucy is a survivor, a fighter and a skilled doctor.  Right now she’s in Marietta as the ER director, or at least on a temporary stint until or if her position is made permanent.  She is stubborn enough to believe she can do it all herself, even when she knows she needs help.  One disruptive, destructive jerk of a patient one night gives new meaning to a difficult 24 hour shift.  While Lucy does her best to remain professional, even when Thomas steps in to offer “help” she remains in charge… in a whole heck of a lot of ways.  Never ever, ever underestimate the abilities of a tiny woman who knows her way around martial arts.  That night will change everything for Thomas and Lucy — now they just have to figure out how to stay in the same location before they lose it all.

Resisting the Doctor is one heck of a story.  Lucy and Thomas are both strong characters with past events shaping their current lives.  I liked them as a couple and individually and their romance is sweet and steamy in all the right places.  There are strong secondary characters in this story – some new, some we know far too well, like one meddling gossip that I, personally, cannot stand.  One secondary character, Jade, is really hard for me to get a handle on.  She’s holding on to some deep pain, she’s snarky, rude, attitude-filled and most times not a very nice woman.  Yet, there is something that tells me there is more there than meets the eye, I’ll be interested to learn more of her story one day.  I enjoyed this new world build around Marietta’s hospital and loved seeing old friends around town.  If you’re hooked on Marietta, Montana stories then your’e going to love this new series.  I would definitely recommend it to any Contemporary Romance reader.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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