Returning to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been around a very long time.  I began playing shortly after launch in 2004 and played constantly until life got in the way of the fun stuff (and I wasn’t enjoying the newer expansions as much anymore).

With the addition of the Allied Races a few years ago I started to be a bit more active in-game — although, truthfully, I was playing a lot more Classic WoW than the original for a while.

Imagine my surprise when I randomly clicked on a link to a generator that would show what quest lines I’d have to finish before being able to play one of those Allied Races to discover that I, in fact, did at that moment qualify for four (4).  Not the one that I truly wanted, but 4 nonetheless.

That began my return to the World of Warcraft universe.  Now, WoW has gotten some very bad press lately — entirely through the actions of the company and its leaders.  So, I hesitated in returning to what I considered a full-time, all-out drive to do something in-game that I’d need to do in order to do some specialized taming on my hunters (I, honestly, have mostly hunters).  After some serious thought, I decided to go back.  I could punish the game but what good would that do, really?  Since I’m mostly a solo player, and an older player, giving it an honest try was a decision that I’m comfortable with.

I want to level up those Allied Races of mine and learn the specialized ability to tame the Feathermane class of tamable creatures (Shadowlands has some lovely critters that I’d love to have available to me).

This isn’t going to be an in-depth feature here – it’s not a WoW how-to.  Yet it is a place where I can put links and general information that matter to my gaming needs in WoW right now.  The ability to pick which expansion to level in will be of great help in getting some of those things accomplished.

Feathermane Taming

Taming Guide at Petopia

Taming Guide at Wowhead


Complete the Suramar line for Allied Races

Suramar Guide from Wowhead