Returning to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been around for a very long time.  I began playing shortly after its launch in 2004.

This will not be an in-depth feature here – it’s not a WoW how-to.  Yet it is a place where I can put links and general information that matter to my gaming needs in WoW right now.  The ability to pick which expansion to level in will be of great help in getting some of those things accomplished.


DRAGONFLIGHT expansion 11/28/22

Time for a new expansion, a new race, and a shake-up to the Professions of World of Warcraft.  Below are links that will help me in my gaming… if you play WoW, then perhaps they might help you as well. 🙂

Profession Guides for DF

Everything about professions has changed in Dragonflight so do the research before trying to go about leveling any profession the way it has been done for years… that will not work anymore!

Alchemy Leveling Guide

Dragonflight Alchemy Specializations Guide

Blacksmithing Leveling Guide

Dragonflight Blacksmithing Specializations Guide

Enchanting Leveling Guide

Dragonflight Enchanting Specializations Guide there is none really (yet)

BUT there is this: Knowledge Point Treasure Locations Guide that we will need for all professions

Engineering Leveling Guide

(None yet see Knowledge Point Treasure Locations Guide above)

Inscription Leveling Guide

(None yet see Knowledge Point Treasure Locations Guide above)

Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

Dragonflight Jewelcrafting Specializations Guide

Leatherworking Leveling Guide

Dragonflight Leatherworking Specializations Guide

Tailoring Leveling Guide

(None yet see Knowledge Point Treasure Locations Guide above)


Herb Gathering Guide

Ore Gathering Guide

Leather Gathering Guide

Fishing Guide

Iskaara Tuskarr Fishing Holes Guide

Iskaara Tuskaar Weekly Fishing Turn-in Bonus Rep.

Cooking Guide

Another excellent Professions Guide from WoW-Professions (overview)

WoW-Head Work Orders (for Professions) Guide



links in this section go to Wowhead for further information

Resilient Leather

Adamant Scales

Dense Hide

Lustrous Scaled Hide

Earthshine Scales

Windsong Plumage

Rockfang Leather

Stonecrust Hide

Awakened Decay

Pristine Vorquin Horn

Primal Bear Spine

Aquatic Maw

Mastodon Tusk

Spark of Ingenuity

Primal Chaos

Skinners can create  Elusive Creature Bait and Bottled Pheromones.

The Bottled Pheromones draws uncut, left-behind skins toward you.

The Elusive Creature Bait will draw out rares, some of which can be tamed only by Hunters with the Skinning profession.


DragonRiding – Personal Dragon Mount Guide (the only way to fly in DF right now)

DragonRiding Glyphs (necessary – YouTube video)



Renown is going to play a large part in DF, but not in the same way as in Shadowlands. The first & second links are an overview; below that is each individual guide for the four main (and two sides) Renown & Reputation requirements.

Renown and Reputation Overview (WoWHead)

Renown in Dragonflight

Dragonscale Expedition

Maruuk Centaur

Iskarra Tuskarr

Valdrakken Accord


Wrathion & Sabellian

Cobalt Assembly


Although I don’t live for Gold Making in-game there are some changes to the quality of those gathered materials so here’s a guide that may add information as well as suggestions for making some Gold to spend in-game along the way:

WoW-Head’s Gold Making From Professions Guide



Wowhead’s Cheat Sheet Guided for all Classes for fast tree decisions and more


A list of DL battle pets tamed – for my own references

Emberling (green)  –  Pricklefury Hare (green)  –  Swoglet (white)  –  Palamanther (green)  –  Magma Slug (green)

Vorquin Runt (green)  – Wild Duckling (green) – Azure Crystalspine (green) – Scruffy Ottuk (green) – Snowmental (green) –



Feathermane Taming

Taming Guide at Petopia

Taming Guide at Wowhead


Complete the Suramar line for Allied Races

Suramar Guide from Wowhead


Darkmoon Faire Profession Items Needed to raise reputations

Additional items required:

No item requirements:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Enchanting
  • Engineering
  • Herbalism
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Mining
  • Skinning
  • First Aid
  • Fishing

A Different Link to quests involved


Moving on to the Caverns:

How to start The Land Beneath quest

The Land Beneath quest begins the Patch 10.1 campaign, leading max-level players to Zaralek Cavern for the very first time. To start this mammoth questline, you’ll have to complete the prerequisite Embers of Neltharion story in the Forgotten Reach. This starts with the Hidden Legacies quest—found at The Seat of Aspects—and ends with Return to Viridia. (This quest is required to enter Zaralek Cavern, kicking off dozens more quests in the new underground zone. It should pop up like a jump scare as soon as you log in, but there are some conditions you’ll have to meet first.  If it doesn’t then you need to finish up the Forbidden Reach thru Emberthal’s questline).

Once you’ve helped Emberthal explore the caves beneath Dragonskull Island, completed A Creche Divided, and returned to Viridia, you’ll get a message on your screen saying “Continue the campaign by accepting the quest ‘The Land Beneath’ in Valdrakken.” You can then head straight to The Seat of Aspects again and speak to Hadexian to pick it up.

Here is the article link:  The Land Beneath


Guide for Zaralek Cavern at Wowhead



ARCANE MAGE (IcyVeins)                        ARCANE MAGE (Wowhead)