Christmas stories, I can read Christmas stories all year long – and often do.  Why?  Because it’s hard to find one that you really don’t like.

Christmas at Waratah BayTitle:  Christmas at Waratah Bay
Series:  Christmas Around The World
Author:  Marion Lennox
Genre:  Contemporary Romace
Published:  October 21, 2014
Source:  NetGalley

Story Blurb:

Sarah’s committed to her stellar modelling career in New York, but there’s an obligation she needs to fulfil. Harold was a Grandpa to her when she needed him most. Now all Harold wants is one last Christmas in his beloved Waratah Bay Homestead. Sarah’s not that so hot on baking and Christmas seems a bit… challenging… but she’s prepared to fly half way round the world to give it a try.

The only problem is, Harold no longer owns Waratah Bay Homestead. Farming tycoon Max Ramsey owns it now and he doesn’t like company, he doesn’t like Christmas and most of all, he doesn’t like Sarah.

When the two clash, enough sparks ensue to light a Christmas tree. How many enemies does it take to cook one Christmas turkey?

*I received an e-ARC of Christmas at Waratah Bay from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange
for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

Read on for my thoughts on Christmas at Waratah Bay.  No true spoilers, promise.

There is a reason why I adore Christmas stories.  They are simply the fastest way to a feel good state of mind that I know of – and can afford.  My collection of Christmas novels that I will read over and over at next Christmas or whenever I need a “feel good” book now fills three shelves of a bookcase.  Yes, I’m obsessed.

In Christmas at Wartah Bay we have all the parts of a fairy-tale spread out before us.  Beautiful, kind, sweet totally mis-identified Sarah.  Gruff, Scrooge-like although kind at heart, handsome Max.  A charming fairy godfather, twinkling eyes included in Harold.  Who are we missing?  Ah, of course – the evil, money grabbing ex-wife and her equally evil female offspring.  Check.

Stir in circumstances not being what they appear.  Massive doses of stubbornness.  Toss in some Christmas magic – and we have a beautiful holiday love story.

This short novel was so touchingly done.  Yes, we have to move quickly because of time – but I didn’t feel the story was too rushed.  What we have are two people who love Harold and would do anything in their power to make him happy.  Really that’s what is at the heart of this one.  Through misunderstandings, gruffness and suspicions soon truth will be told, hearts will be melted and one of the best Christmas gifts of all will find its way into more than one heart.  And isn’t that why we are addicted to Christmas stories?  The happily ever after.  Guaranteed.

I loved this short novella, I was honored to get to know these good people and I thank the author for introducing me to such a wonderful, heartwarming story – no matter what time of year.

Would I recommend it?  Of course, faster than a snowflake can melt.