Driftwood CowboyTitle:  Driftwood Cowboy
Series:  Driftwood Bay
Author:   Lenora Worth
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 31, 2015
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Can she heal from a tragedy too great to bear?

When Michelle Lancaster flees her hometown of Spirit, Louisiana to spend time at a beach retreat in Driftwood Bay, Florida, she only wants to run from the tremendous pain of a tragedy that caused her perfect life to shatter into pieces.

But on the day when the memories become too much, a man steps into her path on the beach and causes her beloved horse Coco to almost throw her. Not to mention this is the one man Michelle has tried to avoid. But laid-back boat captain and artist Brodie Stevens has his eye on Michelle and soon, he is pursuing her with a strong-willed determination. He too is haunted, but believes that together they can heal each other. Now the driftwood cowboy must convince Michelle it’s possible to hope… and to love again.

Read on for my thoughts on Driftwood Cowboy.  No true spoilers, promise.

Sometimes after finishing a novel, I just have to sit for a moment and let it sink in.  That’s how I’m feeling about Driftwood Cowboy.  Just letting the beauty of a story well told  sink into my heart and mind.

It’s obvious from the first scene in the novel that Michelle is in a world of pain.  It’s there in her movements, her distraction and in her instinctive action of running away.  It’s also powerful.  To anyone who has ever been in a world of pain themselves, you know that feeling.

And Brodie recognized that pain, immediately.  I think I fell in love with Brodie at that moment, I didn’t need more than to know “that” about him.

Michelle and Brodie are each in pain and healing in their own ways.  Michelle is more obvious, but if you look closely, you can see that Brodie is no stranger to the very same feelings.

This novel is a slow telling of a painful story.  It is not a slow moving novel, I don’t mean it in that sense.  More of a sit on the porch, letting someone ramblingly tell a story – and sitting back and letting that story flow over you without questions.  We get glimpses of Michelle’s pain, and of course we know without being told what has happened.  She is a woman whose world has been ripped apart.  Someone who doesn’t think they deserve breath, let alone happiness again.  She will slowly let go of her ghosts, cautiously rearrange how she views the past in order to even begin to catch a glimpse of a possible future without the constant companionship of pain.  It will take time.

Brodie will allow her that time.  Oh, there is no doubt in his mind that finally he has stumbled up on his one and only.  He certainly isn’t prepared to deal with that or even remotely comfortable with the thought.  But there it is.  Still, he will have to show the same patience he uses on his driftwood art creations when dealing with this woman in so much pain.

I cannot imagine how you could read this novel and not enjoy the experience.  Oh, it’s not a classic, but it is so full of emotions that you could not help but be involved with the telling and the ending.  I initially gave this one a 4 star rating – I’m changing that to a 5 star, a rarity for me.

I’m hoping that you’ll give Driftwood Cowboy a chance to work it’s magic on you.  If you enjoy a really good love story, can easily put yourself in a character’s place then you will find a treasure here.  It launches on March 31, 2015, do yourself a huge favor – pick it up at release.  I don’t think you will be the least bit sorry.  It’s that good.  I’ll be looking for other novels in The Driftwood Bay storyline – I want to know more about this place.

My rating scale = 5 outta 5 = an amazing novel that went far above and beyond the norm.

*I received an e-ARC of Driftwood Cowboy from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*