Review: Night of the Living Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

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Night of the Living Demon SlayerTitle:  Night of the Living Demon Slayer
Series:  Biker Witches Mystery #7, Demon Slayer #7, The Accidental Demon Slayer series #7
Author:  Angie Fox
Genre:  Paranormal, Romance
Published:  May 31, 2015
Publisher:  Angie Fox
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

Lizzie Brown is all for letting the good times roll…until a dark voodoo church rises up in the bayou outside of New Orleans. Now ritual fires are burning long into the night and the dead are having a hard time staying that way.

Lizzie goes in undercover to put a stop to the madness. Good thing she can count on her sexy shape-shifter husband, as well as her Grandma’s gang of biker witches. Too bad nobody’s watching her trusty dog, Pirate, who has become way too friendly with the phantom haunting a long-forgotten Victorian-era seance room. 

Secrets and spirits abound. Nothing is what it seems. And when legions of the dead threaten the city, there may be no stopping them.

Read on for my thoughts on Night of the Living Demon Slayer.  No true spoilers, promise.

I have never met a Lizzie Brown and crew novel that I didn’t love at first sight or read – and Night of the Living Demon Slayer is certainly no exception to that particular rule of mine.

Lizzie has grown so much in skills and experience since we first met back in The Accidental Demon Slayer.  And I see no signs of her slowing down anytime soon (crosses fingers that there are tons of Lizzie Brown novels in the future)  Come on people – what’s not to love about a lady who has a talking dog (with his own pet dragon), a biker gang of witch grandmas riding back up and a gorgeous were-griffin shape shifter husband.  Really.  I cannot see anything there to not love to pieces.

This time around Lizzie and gang (well, Dimitri shows up later in the book) head off to New Orleans to answer the call for help from an ally.  Seems a voodoo church is helping start a zombie invasion and our gang needs to find the way to keep the dead – well, dead and buried.  Plus the ghost that Pirate seems to be talking to back at the haunted house that is their temporary headquarters in New Orleans needs some attention too.

Chaos and charm, humor and tense battles, Night of the Living Demon Slayer has it all and more.  It is impossible to tell you how witty, funny, intense and enjoyable this story is – actually, any story in this ongoing series is – you really need to read this one to get the full impact.  I know, it’s the seventh novel and you might hesitate – don’t, you can read this one and totally be engrossed and charmed by the characters and the story.  If you want to start at the beginning, I know that recently the first novel, The Accidental Demon Slayer was on the free list over at Amazon – check it out and see if it still is then come back and enjoy the latest addition to this fantastic series.

*I received an e-ARC of Night of the Living Demon Slayer from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

**Any review is just one person’s opinion. You might feel the same or totally different. The only way to know for certain is for you to read it. This was my opinion of this particular book.**

Night of the Living Demon Slayer is available for the Kindle


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