Review: Silver Deceptions by Sabrina Jeffries

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Silver DeceptionsSilver Deceptions was originally written by Deborah Martin (a pseudonym of Sabrina Jeffries)

  • Series: Restoration (Book 2)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Books; Reprint edition (December 30, 2014)
  • Genre:  Historical Romance
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1476761051
  • ISBN-13: 978-1476761053
  • Source: given to me by a friend

In New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries’s classic, revised novel, originally written as Deborah Martin, London Theater’s newest actress is determined to find out secrets about her past.

“Arriving in a cloak of mystery, London Theater’s newest actress, Annabelle Taylor, quickly became known as “The Silver Swan.” While she loved performing for her adoring audiences every night, Annabelle secretly longed to draw out the aristocratic father who abandoned her and her mother years ago.

Sent to unmask her identity, Colin Jeffreys, Marquis of Hampden, had only his dashing good looks and desirable kisses to use as bait. Sparring with wit and half-truths, Colin and Annabelle soon realized what they truly wanted was a night of passion. But when Annabelle’s vengeful quest traps her in a nest of deceit and treachery, she realizes she must place her faith in Colin—a man she doesn’t trust, but can’t resist.”

First of all this is a reprint edition of Silver Deceptions written by Deborah Martin… or Sabrina Jeffries as she is also known.  I found it highly amusing, but haven’t seen any review mention the odd, tongue-in-cheek fact that our hero’s last name is also Jeffreys (at the time of the first release only Deborah Martin’s name appeared with this novel.  🙂  Just a fun coincidence I guess. *wink*

I had read Deborah Martin’s novels before (long time Historical Romance reader here) but I do not remember this one.  I really enjoyed this novel and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves Historicals, Romance and Intrigue styled novels.

Please read on for my review of Silver Deceptions.  No true spoilers, promise.

The Review:

Of course, our heroine Annabelle, has a reason for coming to London to trod the boards.  The early part of the novel give us a very chilling explanation of her reasons.  Annabelle’s nickname of “The Silver Swan” has more implications than she originally thought, again we find this out very quickly.  And then we dive into the story.

Colin and Annabelle were a charming, sexy and, at times, frustrating couple.  Both to themselves and to the reader.  I kept wanting to prod one or the other to just tell them the truth!  But of course, they never listened to me.

Each has a hidden agenda, and each has their suspicions of the other.  But despite that hurdle, the attraction between them is strong and believable.  And very sensual.  While the sexy scenes were at times charmingly awkward, they also became very hot, very fast.

I adored Annabelle’s friend/maid Charity.  She was street-smart enough, sassy enough, loyal and had her own side story within Annabelle and Colin’s.

What this novel really brought to light as Annabelle and Colin’s love story progressed, was the reality of life for women during this time.  Men truly did rule as a king in their own households.  Women and children had no recourse outside of their home or village when the men in their lives were abusive toward them.  It was never the man’s fault, it was the woman’s because she didn’t do (fill in the blank) fast or well enough.  With all of the glamorous looking back at the time through novels and movies — the reality was most often quite gritty, horrific and unfair.

I really enjoyed the characters in Silver Deceptions.  I found them to be well-rounded, believable (even at their worst) and an overall very good story.

I believe if you love Historical Romance, you would completely enjoy this novel.


Silver Deceptions is available at Amazon for the Kindle and Paperback. (yes, that is an affiliate link)



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