Review: Sinfully Yours by Cara Elliott

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Sinfully yoursTitle:  Sinfully Yours
Series:  The Hellions of High Street #2
Author:  Cara Elliott
Genre:  Regency Romance, Historical Romance
Published:  April 28, 2015
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

After an eventful Season, Anna Sloane longs for some peace and quiet to pursue her writing. Though her plots might be full of harrowing adventure and heated passion, she’d much prefer to leave such exploits on the page rather than experience them in real life. Or so she thinks until she encounters the darkly dissolute-and gorgeously charming-Marquess of Davenport.

Davenport has a reputation as a notorious rake whose only forte is wanton seduction. However the real reason he’s a guest at the same remote Scottish castle has nothing to do with Anna . . . until a series of mysterious threats leave him no choice but to turn to her for help in stopping a dangerous conspiracy. As desire erupts between them, Davenport soon learns he’s not the only one using a carefully crafted image to hide his true talents. And he’s more than ready to show Anna that sometimes reality can be even better than her wildest imaginings.

Read on for my thoughts on Sinfully Yours.  No true spoilers, promise.

Cara Elliott’s delightfully series The Hellions of High Street continues in Sinfully Yours…Anna and Devlin’s story.  We got a glimpse of their attraction in Scandalously Yours (my review link) and I think we knew then that these two would be quite the couple.  Neither one exactly as they show the world and both with hidden depths that each would compliment and bring out the best in the other.  While you don’t have to have read the first novel in this series, and there are scattered references to it within the current story – it is a wonderful lead in novel to get a fuller picture of how these girls began.  And let’s face it, you simply cannot go wrong with a Cara Elliott story, so pick that up if you get a chance – but it’s not really necessary to read it before enjoying Sinfully Yours.

All three sisters were well educated, an oddity for the time.  Their father believed that his girls must be able to make their way in the world, should they need to and made certain that they got the schooling to ensure their futures.  None of his daughters took this lightly, even if their mother was a bit bemused by their knowledge of things beyond the Ton and knowing the proper way to address the various nobility.  Their mother would be happy for them to indulge in fashion more than books, and the various ways the sisters talk over their mother’s head about their true writings is funny and enchanting.

Anna writes scandalous, adventures instead of dry political commentary like her sister.  She writes under the pen name of Sir Sharpe Quill (a double entendre if there ever was one), giving her hero and heroine fantastic adventures – ones that she secretly wishes she would encounter.  Unfortunately, right now she’s doing more thinking of a certain Devil aka the Marquess of Davenport instead of writing her next, almost due, adventure story.  When the opportunity to escape London for a house party in the wilds of Scotland, Anna sees a way to not only put Devlin out of her mind, but to have the time to concentrate on completing her current story.  Perhaps the change of scenery and the beauty of the area will kick her muse into action once again.

Devlin is not at all what he appears.  Oh, yes, he would easily agree that he is a rake, unrepentant in his enjoyment of the ladies.  But it is that reputation of a penniless, love ’em and leave ’em, outrageously handsome rake that gets him into the places he needs to be.  Devlin works for the Home Office, a spy if you will or even an undercover agent, but one with a more honorable slant than most of the Ton would ever give him credit for.  Right now Devlin should be concentrating on his current assignment, the protection of a German Prince at a house party in Scotland.  Instead, the lovely and annoying Anna is on his mind way too much.  Now is the perfect time to leave London behind, and thoughts of the beautiful lady as well and get on with his work and rebuilding his life.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for our two attracted, potential lovers… they are both going to end up in Scotland and what an adventure they will have.

I adored Devlin and Anna, we got a glimpse of what they could be in Scandalously Yours, but what they became is pure charming and fun.  For a while, each suspects the other for some of the happenings going on at the house party.  But eventually they will solve the mystery and fall in the forever kind of love that both deserve.  It was charming and funny to finally see a male fumble with his words, and not be entirely sure of himself.  Usually that is left for the bumbling non-main male to do for comic relief.  But when Dev got tongue tied or said the thing he didn’t mean to say – it stole a piece of my heart to see this strong man be uncertain and still plow ahead.  And Anna got her adventure, perhaps more than she bargained for, but in the end not only her muse returned, but her true love as well.

I would highly recommend Sinfully Yours for several reasons.  One, it’s a fun story.  Two, it is an enjoyable addition to a really well thought out series.  And three, this is perfect for any Historical Romance lover.  What’s not to enjoy about a couple that work well together, a man who sees the strength of his lady and instead of keeping her back, believes in her abilities.  Give yourself a treat and pick up Sinfully Yours – you will enjoy the adventure.

*I received an e-ARC of Sinfully Yours from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*


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