The Closer We GetTitle:  The Closer We Get
Series:  The Oil Barons #2
Author:  Ann Jacobs
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 8, 2015
Publisher:  Beyond The Page Publishing
My Rating:  3 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Erin Winters has struggled ever since the accident that took her husband’s life and left her young son seriously injured. Desperate to get her son the surgery he needs, she agrees to become a surrogate mother. But when the wife dies unexpectedly, Erin is suddenly faced with the demands of the grieving husband and carrying a child she has come to think of as her own.

Blake Tanner had it all—marriage to a woman he adored, a successful career as a lawyer, and a child on the way. Now, tormented by his loss and overwhelmed by the prospect of single fatherhood, Blake comes up with a solution that might be his final undoing.

In the hopes that he can give his child the life he deserves, he asks Erin and her son to live with him. In exchange, he will provide them both with all the advantages a wealthy Texan has to offer. It’s a simple financial arrangement that makes perfect sense to Blake, until the grief that marks his days is slowly replaced by the glimmer of hope, and desire, the beautiful woman stirs in him.

As Erin and Blake surrender to the powerful sensual force that neither can ignore, the two must help each other overcome their anguish and dare to build a new life, and love, together.

Read on for my thoughts on The Closer We Get..  No true spoilers, promise.

This was a very interesting story.  You have the basics from the synopsis.  The developing affection between Blake, Timmy and Erin is heartwarming to watch.  Even though Blake will hold on to his love and memories of Glenna for the majority of the novel, it is obvious that he is slowly coming to love his new family.  When his child is born, Blake is totally captivated by his newborn son.

It is not an easy journey for Erin and Blake.  They will encounter challenges along the way, but eventually Blake sees what is right in front of him.  A second chance at love and life.

This not a light, fluffy story.  The emotions are deep, the situations realistic and the ending makes perfect sense.   Overall, a very good read.

I’d recommend this one for anyone who likes their stories a bit deeper, the characters a little more complicated and an ending that fits perfectly.
*I received an e-ARC of The Closer We Get from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange
for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*