Review: There Goes The Bride by Catherine Mann & Joanne Rock

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There Goes The BrideTitle:  There Goes The Bride
Series:  Runaway Brides #3
Author:  Catherine Mann & Joanne Rock
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  May 5, 2015
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Hair stylist Lindsey Ballard hates answering questions about her family’s country music roots in Nashville. She’s been avoiding music producer, Myles Emery, at all costs, who’s trying to write a book on her famous relative. But he can’t get to her today. It’s her wedding day. Or so she thought…

When Lindsey suddenly needs to call off the ceremony to Atlanta’s popular mayoral candidate, she makes her getaway with the persuasive producer, all the while trying to ignore the chemistry between them that had never existed with her ex.

Myles Emery has his own reasons for needing the truth about a country music legend–secrets the Ballard family keeps closely guarded. But when he happens to catch Lindsey running out on her wedding, he knows his luck is about to change. Too bad Myles wants Lindsey on first sight and the attraction is making it complicated to stay on task. “Uncovering her secrets” begins to take on a whole new, delectable meaning.

Read on for my thoughts on There Goes the Bride.  No true spoilers, promise.

Lindsey’s wedding day certainly didn’t turn out as she had expected.  When faced with a round of wedding nerves all she wanted was to see her groom, for just a moment, to hold him close and let that connection calm her down to face the rest of their hectic day.  What she didn’t need was to run smack into the man who was after her famous grandmother’s secrets for his soon to be written tell all book.  And the very last thing she needed to see was her intended groom sitting on the sofa in the groom’s suite holding hands with someone he seemed a lot more interested in than her.

Myles was determined to learn the secret that Lindsey’s family was hell bent on keeping.  He strongly suspected it involved his mother, who was a back up singer to the famous country music star Lara Kane.  His mother wanted him to leave it be in the past, just where his suspicions belonged, but he wasn’t buying it – the public had a right to know and he was determined to tell them any and all of Lara’s secrets.  So, he had hired this limo and was fully prepared to crash Lindsey’s wedding – the wedding that looked to not be taking place today, since the bride just dashed past him in a trolly cart.

A runaway bride needs a fast and private getaway – and Myles and his tinted-windows limo was the perfect fit, for them both.  He provides the fast dash away from the news flash of her jilted wedding fiasco and she provides him with the truth about his mother and her grandmother.

Perfect.  Except perfect plans rarely go, well, as planned.

I had such fun reading Myles and Lindsey’s story.  Full of Southern charm, Nashville country music scene, Southern Belles and rebels – and secrets that aren’t any stranger’s right to tell.  Most of There Goes The Bride tells the growing romance of Myles and Lindsey, but it also tells the tale of a country music legend’s rise to fame that probably would not have been possible in today’s modern technology filled world.  It’s the story of family pride, sisters separated by tradition and past hurts – but mostly misunderstandings and secrets.  Mostly we have two people who have been hurt badly by those that were supposed to love them and learning how to trust and love again.

This is a story that I would happily recommend to everyone who loves a well told, good old fashioned love story.  Looking for a fast paced, fun, sexy, entertaining read?  Then go pick up There Goes The Bride.

*I received an e-ARC of There Goes The Bride from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

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