Review: Wolf’s Honor by Ambrielle Kirk

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Wolf's HonorTitle:  Wolf’s Honor
Series:  Caedmon Wolves #6
Author:  Ambrielle Kirk
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  March 30, 2015
Publisher:  Obsidian Gem Publishing LLC
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Wolf shifter Connor Maxim is a law-abiding citizen. His motto: Keep the peace. Protect the Pack. His firm, Maxim Securities, had been created for this purpose. His honor will be tested when he’s called to deliver on his vows.

The homicide rate escalates to an all-time high on Pack territory, and all evidence points to two prevalent wolf Packs: the Caedmon and the Arnou. The Feds give the leaders of both Packs an ultimatum, and a three-day deadline. They must find the source of the murders before the Feds intervene.

When a police raid goes awry, Connor’s world collides with that of Antonia Trudeau’s. Under the guise of a striking spitfire of a woman—who happens to be his mate—is a criminal with a healthy rap sheet. He must decide if love is worth more than duty and honor.

Antonia circumvents more than just the laws…she captures Connor’s heart.

Read on for my thoughts on Wolf’s Honor.  No true spoilers, promise.

Wolf’s Honor is the sixth story in the ongoing Caedmon Wolves series.  And I, for one, hope it doesn’t end any time soon.  Connor and Antonia’s story was intense, sexy and fun to read.  The hot, alpha men just keep on coming, and that is just fine by me.

Antonia and her twin brother, Andrew get caught up in the middle of a police raid on a local, neutral bar.  The fact that they are making a drop at this bar is what will lead Connor and Antonia to each other.

And because of the length of this novel, I really cannot get into too much more of the story or I will spoil it for your reading pleasure.  Let’s just say that while Connor’s wolf recognizes his mate, it’s going to take a little bit longer for Antonia to accept this event.

I really liked Antonia.  She’s gutsy, charming and says exactly what she thinks without regard to how it sounds – to anyone.  She’s not shy, but she is cautious.  She is fiercely loyal to her brother and will do just about anything for him.  Her connection to Connor is sexy yet sweet.  Her acceptance of who and what he is — is amazing.  Really, think about it – how often does the man you’re on the run with turn into a wolf to protect you?  So, yeah, accepting with questions — but not scared away.  I liked her and her reactions to the man who would be her mate.

Connor is…alpha yum to the max.  Strong, not only in body but in mind, soul and conviction.  He easily recognizes Antonia as his mate, but does not do the  – you are mine no matter what you want thing.  He knows, but is willing to let her come to him — oh, he’ll nudge a bit but he isn’t out to manhandle her into bed.  His loyalty to the Pack leaders is unquestionable.  His desire to find a peaceful solution, if possible, shows him to be sensible when needed and a man of action when logic does not work.

Wolf’s Honor was an enjoyable addition to this ongoing series.  I enjoyed my time with these characters and look forward to the next visit.  I’d recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal romances, shifters and a simple hot love story.  It gets a 4 outta 5 on my rating scale.

My rating scale:  4 outta 5 = a really, excellent novel that was great just didn’t go beyond.

*I received an e-ARC of Wolf’s Honor from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

This novel is available for the Kindle.


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