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Sweet, shy Mara Hanover is in love with her neighbor. For four years, she has secretly watched her dream man from afar. Handsome police detective Mitch Lawson is way out of her league. She’s a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, and there’s no way a guy like Mitch would want anything to do with her. But when Mara has a leaky faucet that she can’t fix, it’s Mitch who comes to her rescue.

Mitch has been eyeing his beautiful neighbor for a long time. He jumps at the chance to help her, and soon their formerly platonic relationship gets very hot and heavy. But when Mara gets a disturbing phone call from her cousin’s kids, she gets pulled back into the life she’s tried so hard to leave behind. Can the hot lawman convince Mara to let go of her past and build a future with him?

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Title:  Law Man
Series:  Dream Man #3
Author:  Kristen Ashley
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  December 11, 2012
Publisher:  Forever
My Rating:  5 stars

As part of a new feature here at Keeper Bookshelf, I’m taking a look back each week at a series that I’ve absolutely loved and continue to re-read to this day … that Keeper in my blog’s name refers to the books that stay on a keeper shelf to be re-read at my pleasure.  I’m calling this new feature Revisiting A Series or simply Revisiting.  I hope you’ll enjoy this look back, and maybe find some authors or titles that you’ve yet to discover.  Enjoy.  ?

It is always delightful to head back into the Dream Man series, and re-reading Law Man again was no different, yet possibly a bit better as these stories seem to age well like fine wine.

Mara has had a secret love crush on Mitch for a long time.  But that crush has always been long distanced because Mara is simply too shy to ever act on it.  Instead, she lives in a world of ratings – she rates people on a scale of 0.5 to 10.5 needless to say Mitch tops the scales.  But Mara sees herself in the 2.5 range which translates to she’ll never be good enough to have the man of her dreams even look at her.  In that she has been wrong for a lot of years now, Mitch definitely looked at her and at her looking back at him.  He’s interested but has been hoping for some sign from Mara to move onward.  That sign was destiny as the usually safe, cautious Mara careened down their apartment complex’s stairway straight into him almost causing them to crash to the concrete pavement below.  She was absolutely frantic, she had to get to her young cousins now and rescue them once again from their sleazy, drug taking, drunk father who was sure to have his vodka, drugs, and cigarettes next to him but not a scrap of food in the apartment for his kids.  For once Mara barely noticed that Mitch was there, basically, in her arms – all she knew was the need to get away fast and take care of Billy and Billie.  Mitch saw her frantic determination and insisted on driving her to pick up the kids, no way was he allowing her to drive as distracted as she was at the moment.

That simple decision would change four (or more) lives.  Two adults and two children.  He didn’t know it just yet, but today was his first day with his new family – three people he would love and protect for the rest of his life.

Law Man gives us a very tender, and at times frustrating romance between to people who on the surface shouldn’t work – but they do, they really do.  The emotional pull in this story is fast, intense and enjoyable.  We get to root for the good guys and celebrate the bad guys’ eventual downfall.  Yet the journey to get to that point is fun, intense, sexy, tender and downright adorable at times.  We will also run into characters from the first two books, some a lot, some just a mention – but it’s always a plus for me to see other folks that I’ve come to care about in this series once more.

I would recommend Law Man to anyone who has believed that they just don’t measure up – there are lessons to be taken to heart in this story.  And of course as always, to anyone at all who enjoys a good story, a bit of Alpha male action and a very delicious love story.  Indulge yourself with a group of people who will capture your heart for years to come.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

Law Man is available for the Kindle


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