Rodeo Sweethearts by Lilian Darcy

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Melinda and Rob MacCreadie have been married for nearly thirty years, but she is the worst wife for a hard-working Montana rancher and she knows it.

With their five children grown and finding love, Melinda is daunted by the idea of accepting newcomers into the family. She and Rob still hold a secret that dates from before the birth of their triplets all those years ago.

Rob is such a fine man, strong and good-looking and endlessly patient. He’s wise, too, but is he right to insist that it’s time to tell people what happened?

Does he really understand how she feels?

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Title:  Rodeo Sweethearts
Series:  The 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo #0.5
Author:  Lilian Darcy
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  October 8, 2013
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

RODEO SWEETHEARTS is a quick story, but one that shows the steadfastness of a love that’s lasting a lifetime. And isn’t that what we all really want to find?

Rob and Melinda have been married for almost three decades, raised five children and run a successful ranch. They’ve been blessed and happy in their lives – but they’ve also been holding on to a secret for the majority of that time. A secret that one wants to tell and the other is hesitant to face the possible repercussions. It’s not my place to say what that secret is, but as details come out it’s not difficult to guess and have empathy for this couple.

This very short story is emotional, will touch your heart, and is so moving as we see up close and personal how love can remain strong against what life throws our way.

I’ve been a fan of anything Marietta, Montana related for a while now. I found this small town full of unique romances a bit mid-stream, so lately I’ve been going back and picking up earlier series that I’ve missed along this fun journey. RODEO SWEETHEARTS may be a few years old, but the message is truly ageless. love wins – and that’s what matters most of all.

This review originally appeared on a blog of mine that no longer exists due to circumstances beyond my control.  I’ve changed a bit of this review, added a few more thoughts but I still love Rob and Melinda’s story and have gone back to re-read it several times now.

I own a Kindle edition of RODEO SWEETHEARTS.

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