book pileI admit it.  I have a serious case of book envy going on now.  Yesterday and this morning I went through the list of blogs taking part in the Stacking the Shelves meme over at Tynga’s Reviews.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Not only did I find some really interesting new (to me) book blogs to follow — but the books.  Oh, the books.  And this is only January.  My book envy is going to go supernova come July!

I saw at least 50 books that I really want to read.  50.  Whew, that’s a lot of reading material plus what is in my to read pile.  And we both know that there will be more fantastic novels coming out soon so what’ a book-aholic to do?

The best we can.  Really.  I love reading, I love putting together this website telling you about the books I’ve read.  But, in all honesty, it is so hard to keep current being a one woman blogger here.

When a book really grabs me I can finish it in one day, maybe two.  An average book reading time for me is between two or three days.  Then there are the ones that just drag because I cannot get into the book – at all.  I hate, really hate, to not finish a book.  It might not be to my taste, but someone poured their heart and soul into creating it and I probably plopped down my hard earned money to buy it — so I should finish it.  So I usually completely read most novels in  my piles.  I may not love it, but someone else might so I feel obligated to read, review and let the comments fall where they may around here.

Yet there is that occasional one that I simply cannot read one more word of.  I’m sorry to those authors, but the book stinks.  Badly.  The one thing I will not do on this website is name those DNF books.  I can’t because someone created it and someone else might find it to be the most awesome book they have ever read.  I do not want my experience with DNF books to influence someone else.

I can hear some people say, “If it stinks you should tell people”.  Okay, maybe.  But, here’s the thing.  I have never, ever been able to finish War and Peace.  I cannot connect to that book.  On the other hand, I read Gone With The Wind once each and every year.  Both are considered classic novels and worth reading at least once by many people.  So who am I to say that a book stinks and belongs in a did not finish pile when someone, somewhere may think it’s a new classic?

My reading schedule for this year is simple.  I vow to get to the bottom of my To-Be-Read pile and do my best to keep up with currently released novels.

I know I am going to suffer from book envy throughout the year – I accept that.  But, I plan to do a lot of reading, reviewing and posting this year… because of my serious book envy (or in spite of it.)  🙂

How ’bout you?  Are you visiting book blogs and just drooling over novels that you want in your to-read-pile?   (me too)