Shadow Wolf by Jane Godman

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They are the Arctic Brotherhood.   They are deadly fighters, fierce protectors and loyal mates.

Samson Lee last saw Valetta Rickard five years ago when a shared a kiss almost led him to break the promise he had made to himself. Now Valetta has disappeared, and Samson has promised her father he will find her.

When Samson finds Valetta leading a rogue gang of bloodthirsty Arctic werewolves, he soon discovers that all is not what it seems. As soon as they see each other again the feelings they denied all those years ago resurface.

Valetta is Shadow Born, a rare and mystical werewolf with legendary powers. If she chooses, she can destroy a whole species. A power that an evil hunter wants so that he can destroy the Arctic wolves. Samson, together with the other members of the brotherhood, must find the hunter before he can put his plans for Valetta into action. At the same time, Samson must put the past behind him and convince Valetta that she is worthy of love.

Titles in the Arctic Brotherhood series include:  Ice Wolf – Shadow Wolf –

Title:  Shadow Wolf
Series:  Arctic Brotherhood #2
Author:  Jane Godman
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  March 7, 2017
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press- Swerve
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Shadow Wolf gives us another bit of new lore to this world.  The Shadow Born wolf has the ability for complete and utter destruction of an entire species – and the evil villain really wants to get their hands of Valetta and her abilities.

Valetta feels herself unworthy of being loved and has slipped away from Samson before.  Now she’s going to need his help and that of other members of the Arctic Brotherhood to avoid certain death – her own or others.

Shadow Wolf is extremely fast paced with a story  line that will capture your attention.  While Samson came off as a bit of a jerk in the first story in this series, it’s always a delight to discover the other side of a character.  He is intense, and yes, very much over the top in his Alpha ways, but his heart is golden and his cause is true.  His attraction to Valetta is intense and he has his work cut out for him in keeping her safe… and convincing her that as his mate, she is worth all of his love and more.

I enjoyed this second story in the Arctic Brotherhood very much.  It moves the overlying story along and gives us more lore on these wolves and their mates.  The only thing I’m not particularly thrilled with are the epilogues – I’d rather read more of the couple’s near future and not a lead in to the next villain, but that’s my preference.  Over all, this is an intriguing shifter romance that anyone who enjoys Paranormal Romance would find interesting.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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