Shot in the Dark by Tracy Solheim

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If there’s anything zoologist Josslyn Benoit abhors more than guns, its poachers. When an African “fact-finding” mission with a wildlife conservationist group results in one of their members being shot, Josslyn and the team must escape for their lives through the jungle. In order to obtain sanctuary from the local government, Josslyn calls in a favor from her older half-sister, the First Lady of the United States.

After suffering an injury in the line of duty, Adam Lockett, commander of the Secret Service’s elite team of snipers, is forced to work on a boring protective detail. Making matters worse, he’s assigned to guard the First Lady’s wild-child younger sister, a woman hell-bent on ditching her detail every opportunity she gets. Still, Adam is determined to bide his time until he is cleared by the doctors to return to the job he’s best at, even if the tree-hugging pacifist with the smoky eyes makes his job difficult.

Can these two opposites find happiness? Or is it just a shot in the dark?

Titles in the Men of the Secret Service series include — A Recipe for DisasterShot in the Dark

Title:  Shot in the Dark
Series:  Men of the Secret Service #2
Author:  Tracy Solheim
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  February 25, 2019
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars

SHOT IN THE DARK is the second story in Tracy Solheim’s Men of the Secret Service series, and while I will always recommend starting from the beginning on any series this one could be read without having read the first story.  Any details or explanations of characters and events are easily found within the dialogue or narrative of this story.

For a Romantic Suspense to work for me I have to believe the events are or could be happening in the real world… and what is more real than the horrific murders of wildlife by poachers for their tusks or skin or whatever body part is needed for gruesome alchemy by rich, privileged people who care nothing for the life of an animal.  Yes, you could say I’m passionate about this subject and SHOT IN THE DARK reads true to life with Joss and Adam as opposites attract romantic couple, political touches, real-life health issues and the grisly underworld of animal poaching or trafficking.

Adam and Joss had a short history, but now their lives are about to become entangled in so many ways.  Each is strong, intelligent, stubborn, determined and always certain that their way is the right and only way.  So where’s the opposite?  Joss is often seen as a wild card, she’s passionate about the causes she believes in and will stop at nothing to bring those responsible for wrongdoings to justice… in any manner she deems necessary.  Adam is also passionate about doing the right thing and finding justice… but he is as by the book as it’s possible to be.  How these two find a middle ground to build their growing love on is fascinating and an enjoyable journey.

As with any Mystery or Romantic Suspense, I won’t go into any major details as I don’t willingly do spoilers.  Yet if you love a good Suspense story with Romance, Mystery and seeing justice done by the ending then you’ll love SHOT IN THE DARK.  I loved watching two stubborn people fall in love and find a way to merge their differences in opinion.  The small details make this story even more enjoyable and I learned almost as much as I simply enjoyed this one.  I’d not hesitate to recommend this story or the series to any reader who enjoys a good love story likes to put the puzzle pieces together and adores wildlife in any form.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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